Extreme separation anxiety

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Extreme separation anxiety

Ever since I left Ronin with my Mum to go out for a few hours at night last week he has extreme separation anxiety. It is to the point I can't even go out the door with out him bursting into tears and screaming and can't be comforted. This happens at home and at my Mum's. It looks like I am destined to never go anywhere by myself again especially at night so if it's not kid friendly I can't go unless I can get him past this extreme separation anxiety. He even started screaming when I got dressed for my work Christmas party which he was coming to because it was the same dress.
Any ideas on how to deal with this issue, he even screams if hubby is still here with him.

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Sounds like Tobey. No advice. Just hoping he gets over it soon. He cries when I lave the room to go to the toilet, it's exhausting!!

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He won't want you forever, but I know that's got to be frustrating. I hope this is a short lived phase. Sad

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Teagan's hasn't ever been that bad but its worse lately. If she thinks I'm going somewhere she will bury her head between my legs and bear hug my legs so I can't move. She calms down after I'm out of sight though. Unless she's at home with DH. Then she's convinced I'm in the house somewhere and runs around crying and looking for me.

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Yeah we have this too. He can be comforted by dh though for the most part. One day ill be able to pee alone.

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Lyla has a touch of this too. When I drop her off at MDO she wraps her arms tightly around my neck and cries when she's pried off. She settles down fairly quickly, but is super excited to see me when I come back. She's been extra clingy lately too, wanting me to carry her around constantly.

At home with DH by herself she's okay for a while but then she'll start looking for me and has a bit of a melt down when she can't find me. DH said the other day she was going around banging closed doors crying and yelling and even tugged on his pantleg and hollered 'mama'. I'm not sure how much I'm buying that last part though since she's never said mama to me.

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Isabelle cries in the mornings when I leave for work, but dh is able to comfort her once I am out of sight so its not all that bad right now. I hope Ronin gets through this phase quickly as that sounds very frustrating for you.