Eye teeth!

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Eye teeth!

Juliet's first one has broken the skin.
She has one molar out, the other bottom one has also broken the skin.
She also has her 8 front teeth.

Any one else with LO with this many teeth?

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not quite, Lucas currently has 8 teeth.

how did she handle getting them in?

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Brookelyn has 3 top, and 2 bottom teeth.. she has been teething like crazy so I expect more to be coming.

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Nope, we are still stuck at 2. It looks like maybe one more may be on the way.

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Teagan has 14! Her top two canines just came through and she's working on her bottom two. All 8 front teeth have been in for ages and all 4 molars came in a few months ago.

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Isabelle just has her 2 top and 2 bottom front teeth so far, unless a back tooth has poked through since I looked last.

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Just 8. He only got no.8 a few days ago

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We are working on number 3 right now.

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We've been stuck at 2 teeth for almost 2 months.

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Owen has only 6 teeth so far, but I think his eye teeth are coming in...it seems to be where he's putting his chubby little fingers lately. Poor guy has a really difficult time with the teething thing!

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My almost 3 yr old just recently got her eye teeth, does that count? Biggrin

Lucas just has his 2 bottom front teeth so far.