Favorite food?

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Favorite food?

What does your LO looooove to eat?

Teagan would eat nothing but cheese and pasta if I let her. She's not fond of vegetables. I need to get sneakier about infusing her meals with veggies. I always offer them first but she just throws them on the floor :mad:.

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Natalies loves loves loves rasberries. I think that is her favorite so far.. Strawberries a close second. Have you heard of a book called the sneaky chef? You can puree and incorporate veggies into alot of foods but that probably wont solve the problem. I have a veggies hater too. My dd1 has gotten better over time but still drives me nuts.

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Evan loves fruit. Mainly pears and peaches. He is his father's son. But first, ahead of everything else......Cheerios. He loves them!!

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Bananas! She calls them "mee-a" and asks for them at every meal, plus any time she happens to see them.
And water! She begs for water any time she sees someone drinking it.

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Eleanor is in the most wonderful stage of loving anything I give to her. She is just excited if it is something she can feed herself. DD1 was like this too, and then gradually changed into the picky eating pre-schooler that she is now. Grrr.

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Spaghetti! It's always a winner here. She also loves cheese a lot. She still doesn't eat much at any one setting but those are the things she will eat more of. She likes fruit too. Grapes, Strawberries, blueberries and mango are always a go and she loves to chew on raw broccoli and celery too. You'd think with all that she's actually eat, but we're lucky if she eats 3 bites at any meal.

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Beans, rasberries & blueberries, fish, and cheese. He was on a big carb kick for a while (pasta & rice) but now won't touch it. Eggs are also inching their way up on the list.

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Lucas loves cheese as well. And watermelon. He can also drink up to 2 sippy cups of water a day.

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Whole wheat macaroni and cheese (but hates almost every other pasta out there), bananas, grapes, mandarin oranges, and pizza. He'll eat pretty much anything he hates if it's on a pizza. Blum 3

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Simon loves his carbs. Pasta and bread of any kind. He also likes grilled cheese sandwiches. He likes those Graduates Fruit melts too. He also loves chicken, especially if it's in finger form. LOL!! He's not big on fruits and veggies right now and it drives me nuts!!
He likes to drink anything and begs for whatever we are drinking. He gets alot of water and some apple juice too.

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Pasta...pizza...grilled cheese... he loves fruits but veggies not so much. .the only meat he'll eat is chicken. Ive been fussing with him to try other meats but i have yet to win the battle.

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Tobey will eat anything but I'm pretty sure yoghurt is his favourite.

DS1 won't eat anything. I miss him being a baby and eating real food. He just wants to eat cereal or cheese on toast. DH was super mean last night and showed him photos of starving children but he did eat his dinner for the first time in months Lol