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Natalie has been having a low grade fever on and off for the past 2 weeks. Its usually 100. something. I guess Im just concerned because I see no real signs of teething other than the normal saliva she has. What do ya'll think?

Well I just took her temp and it was almost 102. I guess she is fighting something but its just so bizarre since she doesnt have any other symptoms..

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Teething doesn't cause a fever. Ever. Does she have any other symptoms? How long does it usually last and how many times has it happened? I wouldn't be concerned about a low grade fever by itself but it might be cause to ring the doctor if it's spiking repeatedly.

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I've read what Erin say, that teething does not cause fever. However, I've also read it does but only for the 24 hours surrounding when the tooth actually breaks through.

I'd call your dr just incase.

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I'd look into being seen since it's been so persistent. My thoughts is that there's something "behind the scenes" going on that she's struggling to completely fight off.

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I have read that it does cause a very low fever, like 100 or under but I also dont really know when this would happen, like up until a tooth popped outor like you said when the tooth pops out..

She doesnt have any other symptoms. No running nose, no cough.. The only thing I could possibly thing is if she had an ear infection but I dont know how she could get that without having some sort of mucous build up which she hasnt had.

I mean I guess she could be fighting something small but just weird that its been like this for 2 weeks. I think Ill call and see if they want to move up her 6 month check up if they want me to bring her in.

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I would check it out with the doc. maybe since its been going on for a while now. Glad she doesn't seem to have other symptoms.

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Well I took her in and her ears and throat seem to be fine. He mentioned possible UTI but he said she would be alot fussier and crying which she doesnt seem to be.

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I really hope it's nothing serious! Please keep us posted!

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DS and Clara ran a low grade fever for about a week a month or so ago. They had nothing but the fever. Clara's never got real bad. Don't ask me the numbers, cause I only get the thermometer out if it feels pretty hot so I call anything that's warm but not hot, low grade. DS's fever got almost to the point that I broke out the thermometer, but he sweated it out through the night and that was the last we saw of his. Clara took an extra day and then her's just slipped away quietly. I hope Natalie's is as easy as my LO's was. They had nothing else to go along with it either, just low grade fevers is all.