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First Ever

Family pic. Ok, at least since DS1 was like 4 months old. Not the best, man I was tired, but here we are. Had to share cause this might be the only time you ever get to see a pic of our family with me in it since I take all the pics. Taken Thanksgiving weeekend at a friends house.

OMG my hair has gotten long. Might be time to chop off 10 inches or so to donate.

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You look great. What a gorgeous family! I love it. We still don't have a family picture of us, not a real one anyway.

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Wow, your hair is super long right now! That's a really good family picture. TFS! :mrgreen:

(Anna, our family pictures all involve planes in the background. :roll:)

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thats a nice photo! your hair is so pretty.

Our last family photo was taken when Lucas was 2 months

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That's a great family pic! Your hair is so long - and pretty!

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Gorgeous! I thought it was a pro pic. We should make a pact to chop off 10 inches in the new year!

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what a lovely pic.

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Great picture. You have a beautiful family!!

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You are beautiful! Love the picture:0)

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Great pic! You have a beautiful family!

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I love it! Very cute. Your hair is lovely!

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Great picture! Your hair is very pretty!