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Do any of you have trouble with your memory? I really have been noticing my lack of brain power lately, almost to the point that it scares me!

Just today I left the burner on after I had just made a pound of homemade, organic mac-n-cheese (which turned out so yummy) and I burned the whole bottom layer of noodles. Then around 3ish I realized I had forgotten to brush my teeth/put on deodorant (gross, i know!) THEN I pulled the car out of our carport to roll our trash cans out and I only rolled one out and pulled the car back in! This is only a small sample, ladies!

Got any memory loss related stories that might make me feel better?

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Oh my goodness yes! It's been really bad since I was about 6 months pregnant :). Let's see ... I've forgotten my pump gear a few times. I've also driven all the way up to campus on the weekends only to realize I've forgotten my lab keys. Oh, the best. I forgot the code to my office door. I think I did all that in one day actually. I'm sure there are tons of other examples but I forget them right now :rolleyes:. It's taken some serious work to get my brain to function again when it really has to, like during meetings and for exams.

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LAHAHAHAH!! That cracks me up about the teeth brush/deodorent thing.. I have done that like twice..

But yes, since I have had kids my memory has gone to shizzz! Like seriously my dh wonders if I can remember anything. He is always reminding me of stories/conversation that apparently I was there for.. It def. sucks because I feel like I am missing out. I have been taking college classes for over a year and honestly I can probably name 3 by name..

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Mine is terrible. My nightly battle is if I took my vitamin or not, even after I have just taken it. Also I'm toast if I don't make a list for the grocery store because I won't remember anything.

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I was sewing on Sunday afternoon and then woke up yesterday morning and the iron was sitting there - ON! :eek:. I regularly forget to take the out of the freezer for dinner. I've gone to the store at least 3 times to print pictures for Lyla's baby book and realize when I get there that I forgot my flash drive with the pictures on it. I've forgotten to take a shower. Gone to CHURCH without brushing my teeth or wearing deoderant. And soo much more! Oh yeah, lets not forget Lol that I locked my baby in the car a few months ago due to a brain fart!

Yup! I feel your pain.

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i've left the oven on a couple times. OVERNIGHT

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Oh, here's another good one from yesterday...we were at a restaurant eating dinner and Owen started fussing for milk, so I just grabbed my shirt and pulled it down to nurse him with no blanket or anything! In the middle of the restaurant too, in full view of the entire kitchen, bar area, and drink station! Thank God I realized I wasn't at home on my couch right as I was adjusting my bra to let one of the nips out! My hubby and my sister were both looking at me like " she okay?" haha!

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I could tell you stories that would make you feel much better about yourself, but I very honestly can't remember any of them. DH is always on me about my inability to think anymore. Mine's not just my memory (which has always sucked anyway, but is now nonexistent), it's my ability to form simple sentences or hold conversations. I feel like my brain is a pile of mush in my head, it simply won't function. DH and I got into a knock down drag out a few weeks ago. He was trying to explain to me the process of switching the computers from the basement to the upstairs. I just asked if it could be done. He took it upon himself to try to explain it in detail to me. I just couldn't focus in on what he was talking about and he saw the glazed over look in my eyes. He started explaining in more detail (cause, yeah, that's gonna work even better!) and then he finally took me downstairs to show me. I still wasn't getting it (partly because I didn't care but mostly because I just don't possess the ability to think through things anymore). He got so mad he kicked one of DS's toys and stormed out. My DH doesn't have a temper, he just doesn't get riled, like, EVER, so this display made me and DD1 keel over in laughter (which did NOT help).