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We're a freckly bunch. I knew it was just a matter of time before T started busting them out. I just found what I think might be two tiny freckles! One on her face and one on her neck. Does your LO have any yet? Do you think he/she will get them?

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I have a few freckles, DH has a few moles. Simon already has a mole by his left nipple, so I'm sure it will be HUGE when he gets older. So far that's all I've seen though.

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we don't have freckles, and not really much moles but Lucas has had a freckle/mole on his hand pretty much since birth. i am almost positive it was where he got his IV as a newborn so maybe it is a mark from that? it looks like a freckle

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I think it is more of a birthmark that Isabelle has on her chin-it didn't appear until she was several months old, maybe 9 months or so. For a long time I thought it was a tiny scratch and one day I realized it was a birth mark. She has a couple other marks I've noticed recently, but I haven't looked closely to see if they are just scratches or new birth marks forming. I have several birth marks, so I won't be surprised at all to see more appearing on Isabelle.

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They could be moles developing, too. DD1 didn't have them when she was born, but I have slowly seen them crop up. They start out as tiny pinpoints and verrrrrry slowly get bigger. We're a moley bunch here.

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We're moley here too, so I'm sure that Lyla and Kole will develop moles. Freckles not so much with us. DH and I both tan and I actually tan really well (or used to, I don't really go in the sun unprotected anymore). When I tan I actually have an olive skin tone.

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Yep, we're totally moley too. I hope the one on her face isn't a mole. Its kinda just forward of her temple which would be a bad spot for a mole. I'm all for face moles (DH and I have a few of our own) but one on the forehead would get brushed against a lot.

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Ronin has a couple of brown spots but I am moley so they may be moles. I have had one removed in my early 20's because there were concerns it may have turned cancerous and one they are watching because it has made changes.

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I haven't noticed any freckles, moles, or birth marks on Aiden. In fact I'm sad that the marks he was born with have disappeared. Sad I am waiting for freckles to appear though. DH and I both have them. I wear sunscreen every single day on my face because if I don't mine get really bad. DH and I only have little bitty small moles. I'm sure Aiden will get some eventually.

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Awww, I bet freckles will be so cute!
We aren't a frecked bunch over here.

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Dh's oldest sister is full of freckles... other than that I don't know anyone in either of our families with freckles. We do have a lot of moles though. I haven't noticed any on chloe.. trevor has a few tiny ones and a big one on his head.