Funny story...OT

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Funny story...OT

So I have neighbors that I have met a few times but I really havent talked to them much in the past 2 years we have lived here. They have a son that is about a half a year older than my ds. Well recently I decided Im going to try to be more friendly so one day I told my older dd to go ask if her son would like to go swimming. Well the neighbor came over and she is 9 months pregnant.. How and the heck did I miss that???And she was going in for a c/s in the next few days.. Well turns out it was a girl.. Im so excited that Natalie and Greg will both have kids to play with that are similiar in age..

how in the heck did I miss her belly for the past 4 months at least?? I mean I always would see them coming in and out of their house..

I dont know really why I find this postable. I guess Im just in shock that I missed it and excited to make a new friend...

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Yay, for a new friend! LOL, about not seeing her bump:0) Sounds like something I would do!

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LOL! I think it's great that you've a new friend, who's got kids close in age; for both!! Biggrin It's a double play date Blum 3 Ohhhhhh, and I don't know how you missed that either, I'm having such horrible baby fever, I can SMELL a pregnant woman!! LOL Lol

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You sound like you're just as super observant as I am. Lol

I didn't want to admit this, but my next door neighbor had a baby in Jan. I apparently forgot this and assumed she was still pregnant. I asked another neighbor when she's due. Yeah, that was embarrassing.

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Yay to her having 2 kids around the same age to play with!
LOL...maybe you are just seeing her from the back all the time and the bump wasn't in view.

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That's funny!! I agree with Joy, maybe you just saw her at bad angles and didn't realize that she was pregnant. That is great that your kids will have other kids close in age they can play with. One of our next door neighbors has a son that is about 6 months older than DS and the neighbors on the other side are due July 2. I'm kinda excited about that too.

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Stacy!! That cracked me up when you said you can smell them!! LOL!!