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what games do your LO's play?

Lucas' new game consists of me putting him in his crib, him rolling onto his stomach and screaming "mamamamamamma" until i come in to get him, he laughs, and then i flip him back over. this happens 4 or 5 times until he goes to sleep depending on how tired he is:rolleyes: lol

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Nathaniel plays drop the spoon and have mom fetch it when he in the highchair. He laughs every time

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Aiden likes to take a contain of blocks, dump all the blocks out, and then wait for me to put all the blocks back in. Not what I call fun. lol.

I have a cute video of another game. I'll see about uploading it on photobucket tonight! Smile

ETA: The video! PB was slow. Flickr was faster.

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Jackie that is priceless, there is nothing better than baby giggles!!!!

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Odin like to play jump. That usually means I hold him and he bounces like a pogo stick, or he does it while holding onto something. He does it on command too when we say, "ready? Jump!", its pretty funny. Peek-a-boo is also a fav. of his.

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OMG JACKIE!! that is soooo freaking cute!!!:) lucas even stopped what he was doing and smiled haha.

Joy, i tried playing peek a boo and by the time i uncover my face he is looking somewhere else LOL

ETA he has a new game today. 'see how fast i can wave my head back and forth so mommy can't wipe my runny nose'

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Jackie, I can't see your video Sad

Lucas loves peek-a-boo! He also likes to play a game where I'm trying to change him and he tries to roll over and crawl away. He laughs like crazy when I bring him back and tell him to sit still!

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Aw Jackie that video is toooooo cute!

We taught Teagan to point at the fan and circle her arm. Now she points at everything that can spin and circles her arm until we spin it. It makes her soooo happy but can be a bit annoying when we're sitting at the dinner table and she just wants me to spin the Chinese lantern that hangs above the table. She enjoys playing with her blocks with me. She waits until I stack them really high and then scatters them across the floor. She's also a big fan of peekaboo and bouncing.

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OMG Jackie. That is CUTE!!

our games mainly involve me throwing him around. Today we were playing hide and seek with his brother. Pee-a-boo is a good game. He likes jumping/bouncing too. He was trying to catch bubbles the other day, he was very confused when they popped.

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Rowan likes to cover her face with fabric (like the curtains, her dress, or whatever she finds), then pull it off and grin. I guess that's peek-a-boo.

She also likes to throw things behind her.