The games they play

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The games they play

What games do your LOs play just to mess with your head/drive you nuts?

Teagan likes to go into a room, close the door, and then scream at the top of her lungs until I go and open the door. Repeat.

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Chloe likes to run into their bedroom, climb up Trevors bed, then laugh/scream until I go in there.. then she gets a huge smile on her face and I get her down.. she is a monkey!

She also likes to put things into containers.. like when we were cleaning out our pumpkin, the pumpkin mess had to go back INSIDE the pumpkin, or else princess land was in distress.

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Sorry for lurking on ya over here Erin, but Hailey has been doing that to me all week and I am going nuts!!!

I tried closing the doors so she can't go into the rooms at all, but then she just screams about being locked out.

Glad to know I'm not the only one dealing with it.

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I'm not sure it's so much a game, but when she gets tired she will 'fall down' and then look at me and 'cry'. The fall is obviously fake and so is the cry.

She also likes to make people hold things. She will bring us toys or hand us her food and we have to hold it. If we put it down somewhere she will either get really upset or get it and hand it back to you. Example: As I just typed that she brought be one of my own shoes. I took it, said thank you and then set it down beside me. She picked it back up and slammed it down on top of my laptop.

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Oh god! Aiden does the same thing! He'll close the door trapping himself in a room and then he'll burst into tears and scream till we go get him. SO over this "game"!!!

Whenever he hears ANY music (like commercials, cell phone ringing, background of a video game, etc) he'll start clapping his hands. If he really likes a song he'll head bang. Lol

Oh, and feeding our friends' dog. Took him mere hours to figure out that if he doesn't like a food he can just hold it down at his side and the dog will eat it out of his hands.

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he always wants up. then when i pick him up he immediatly wants down. I put him down and he wants back up again!

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want to stand, I stand him up. He sits down and cries. I stand him up..he sits down and cries... repeat

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He throws something off the table, but still wants it. Throws it, wants it....repeat.

Also water. Wants more water then lets it just fall out of his mouth. Screams about wanting more then lets it just dribble out again. Such a mess!

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Ditto to the doors. He loves doing that!! Also, if I'm in the closet, he likes to shut me in. I get extra laughs if I act like he is really trapping me in there.

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Ronin loves the water game too Joy.

Tonight he also found the shove the dinosaurs tail down Mummy's throat while she talks on the phone until she gags then giggle madly game. It's really not a fun game. He would time it when my mouth opened to form a word and shove the dinosaur tail in.

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Lol! Sophie loooooves to play w our doors too, but she doesn't mind being locked in - LOL!! She just babbles away still and bangs on the door. We open a bit and she starts laughing hysterically and then either opens the door wider and comes out or shuts it in our faces and laughs about that too... LOL Smile