The Good & Bad

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The Good & Bad

My darn computer charger took a dive so its been really hard to post anything lately from my iphone. The replacement just came so I'm back up and running. Anyway...

I've been having Odin sit on the potty some and this week as able to catch 2 poops a day for 3 days!!! This was earlier this week. I think EC is a great thing but have had way too much on my plate to even try it out. Odin has been pooping so many times a day since starting solids though, I've had much more opportunity to give EC a try. Can't tell you how excited I've been catching those poops in the toilet.

Friday morning Odin started throwing up non-stop. Two of the kids at my preschool had been out with what seemed like the flu and the mom brought them both back way too early and of course my house and baby got all germ infested. :mad: Its Suday and the poor guy is still throwing up. Only 3 times today but still it makes me so sad and exhausted. He is able to keep down some BM thanfully, and had 3-4 wet diapers still, so I'm not worried too much yet. He nursed like every 1.5 hours today so I'm gonna have some major over supply I bet. I it keeps up tomorrow I'll give the pedi. a ring but I don't think there is much that can make it better other than time.

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OH no about the sickness! I hope everyone is better soon. Sad

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Sorry to hear hear Odin is sick. Poor baby (and mom)!

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I've caught a few of Tobey's poops on the toilet too. I always get really excited Lol

Sorry Odin is sick. I hope he gets better soon

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Yay for EC success!!! Catching poos is the best feeling, isn't it?!

I'm sorry he's sick :(. These things just have to run their course. Milkies milkies milkes is just about all you can do. My supply goes nuts too when Teagan goes through things like that. She's been nursing a ton at night the last week because she's had a cold. Next week I'm going to be super leaky.

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Aww, I'm sorry he is sick, no fun for mom or baby Sad I hope he is better soon.

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How's Odin doing today?

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Hope he is feeling better!!:0(