Groin pain!

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Groin pain!

Hey ladies
I guess this really belongs in my dec board, but hardly anyone is there!!

My groin pain like this Simon, is starting again! Sad I dont think it's psd, since it's not directly in my pelvis, but really my groin. Like on the left side, in the crease between your body and your leg.....sort of directly beside my vajayjay. My ob last time sort of shrugged it off as a normal pg thing, but I could barely walk and I mean litterally could barely walk at the end. I dont think THAT is normal. My back hurt too, but i could limber up with stretching, thats normal. But to have so much groin pain that I had to go off work at 30 weeks? That is not normal.

I tried seeing a chiropractor but he didnt realy help much. He even said he didnt think there was much he could do. His theory, which I think is correct, is that they joint was just to loose due to relaxin and my muscles would spasm. i think this makes sense since if someone passively moves my leg I have no pain, it's onlly when I engage the muscles. Its mild right now, but Im just worrid about how soon it will progress to severe. I dont wnat to go off work early. they changed the amount of full sick pay I get so it would suck this time.

Anyhoo, any suggestions on what to do?? Anyone have or know of someone who has had something similar?

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OH no! I hate that you're having issues again! I don't have any suggestions or ideas though. Maybe use an exercise ball to see if that helps? ((hugs))

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I'm sorry, that sounds awful! For what it's worth, though, that sounds like a pretty lame chiro. Maybe worth a second opinion? Does this chiro specialize in pregnancy? I don't think the relaxin/muscle spasm thing sounds totally off, but if you were well aligned even with the relaxin your muscles on one side shouldn't need to freak out so much...right? I don't know, but if it was me I might try asking someone else just to make sure.

Sorry you have to deal with that, though. Sad

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yeah the dec board is so slow... im sorry you are having to go through that. i have a strong pulling pain in the same area although not as bad as yours. i have to lay down at an angle till it passes. my ob also said normal.

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Leigh, he doesnt "specialize" in pg women, but has experience. I dont think i'll find anyone in this area that specializes in it unfortunately. I saw a physio as well who agreed with him but she did even less if you ask me. Maybe I should see someone else just to see what they sayy.

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Found this:

There are some suggested exercises and things in there that sound like they might be helpful. The conversation gets off track into RLP for a bit there, but it comes back around to what you're dealing with.

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I'm so sorry you are dealing with that again. I would have suggested the chiro too. Maybe check with another one as well? Hope some of the stuff that Leigh found helps you out a little. I agree that having pain there that keeps you out of work seems really unfair.

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Exercising those muscles to make them stronger makes sense to me. I'd try that and maybe find another chiro just to have them confirm the same thing?

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Ouch! That sounds really painful.

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