Guess who I had lunch with?! (PICS)

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Guess who I had lunch with?! (PICS)

It was awesome! The food was good, the service was horrible and the company was the best!




She's as awesome IRL as she appears on here, gorgeous and Aiden is even cuter IRL than he is in pictures!

Hmmm, I think Lyla wanted to take Aiden home with her.

Aiden was all relaxed just watching things, and Lyla was trying to grab him (and would have probably chewed on him if we'd let her!)

Disclaimer: My shirt was clean when I left the house! I don't know what that is. . . Blum 3

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Yay, how fun! That is awesome you guys were able to meet!

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How cool! TFS!

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Oh, that's so cool that you guys got to meet up and go out for lunch! I'm so jealous. Lyla looks like she's really into Aiden Smile

Jackie- did you get to do some non-Walmart shopping done? LOL!

I love that first picture. Lyla is grabbing Aiden's hand while she looks up at Jackie to see if she notices her making the moves on her son Smile

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You two are so pretty!! Love the pictures!!! Cute babies!!!:0)
So fun! TFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LOL she is totally checking to see if she notices;) so cute

glad you guys had fun

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Looks like a fun time!

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Yay! That's so awesome the 4 of you had a chance to get together! You both look really great. I love the looks on the LOs faces in the 2nd one. Lyla is totally grabbing Aiden and looking to see if Jackie notices and Aiden is all "Hellooooo there!"

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Yeah, my little girl is a rascal. I think she has a her first crush on little Aiden, she had a pretty good hold on his bib there.

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Oh yay! How fun that you got to meet! Love the pics, TFS!

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That is sooo much fun!! Smile You two look great btw Blum 3

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aww, looks like you all had fun. TFS

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I had a lot of fun meeting you yesterday Anna! Smile
Lyla was a very happy, funny girl during our lunch. Anna's going to have her hands full with that little girl! lol. Aiden on the other hand was tired because he had refused to sleep in the car for most of our 2 1/2 hour trip there. Thankfully no meltdowns.

I will say it was wonderful putting the two big head babies together. For the first time ever, I didn't feel like my son was a freak. ROFL

For those wondering, my husband had leave (time off) yesterday, so we took a day trip to Anna's city for some shopping. We were very excited by seeing places such as Best Buy, Target, Kirkland's, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowes, etc. Yep, we're dorks. :mrgreen:

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Im so jealous!! Im glad you guys had a great time!!