Gum blister?

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Gum blister?

I think I might know why Teagan has been refusing solids. She's got a rather large blister where one of her molars would be. I thought it was just inflammation from where her teeth are coming in but today it looked pretty big so I popped my finger in there (she didn't approve). Well, it's not the tooth pushing the skin out. It's a fluid filled sac. It doesn't hurt her when I barely touch it and the other side is swollen too (but looks more like a tooth coming in). The tissue doesn't appear otherwise aggravated so I'm just going to let it be for now. Anyone seen anything like this?

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I get sores in my mouth that start off like that. Being so young and not having teeth to help, it could very well be a big issue for her! Poor thing! I just let mine run the course and they're gone in a week or so.

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Ouch. I've gotten things like that behind my molars where my wisdom teeth used to be. Usually when I've knicked the area with something sharp like a chip or my wild tooth brush. Could totally be why she is being shy with solids. Like Jackie said just let it run its course and it should be gone soon.