Had my Ultrasound This Morning!

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Had my Ultrasound This Morning!

Attempting to link to my post in April 2013, hopefully it works!


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Congrats on your girl!!! You make super cute girls! Your placenta will totally scooch. Yay!

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awwww congrats on the girl. Glad the u/s went well!

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WooHoo for a little girl. Sound like everything went great. I agree with Erin, that placenta will move on up.

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YAY!!!!! My placenta with Simon was low too and moved way up so im sure yours will too!


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Congrats! My placenta this time around was low too and moved. Yay for a great appt!

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Congrats again on your new baby girl!! How exciting for your DH to be surrounded by adoring females!

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Aww, that's great. You do make beautiful girls Smile

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Yay, congratulations!!! Girls are wonderful Biggrin

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Woo hoo!!! Congrats! And of course your placenta is going to naturally move that small bit (and probably more). Smile

I cannot believe you're hitting 20 weeks! EEK!

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Congrats! I love having girls! Sisters are so sweet Smile
And your placenta will totally move up!

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Congratulations on your girl! I've always loved having a sister, they are the best! Hope the placenta moves up, and yay for another chance to see baby girl Biggrin

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congratulations!!! Smile