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We have some serious hair envy in this house. All the babies at day care and all my friends' babies have hair. Teagan is a baldy. Seriously, she has less hair than when she was born. At least the baby mullet fell out ;). I realize she's going to get hair some day but I want to play with pigtails now [insert tantrum]! Anyone else still have a cue ball?

Bonus pic of my cue ball!

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So adorable:0) We have fur ball:0)

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I have a cue ball too!! Teagan actually has more hair than Lucas Biggrin

Don't worry, Lily was just as bald when she was a baby, and you can see from my siggy pic that she has plenty of pretty hair now. And it's curly! Idk where the curls come from, but I love it!!

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I've got a baldy here!

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Bald here too! I'm happy that he at least has peach fuzz now.

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he was bald for a long time, but his hair is really starting to come in now. he also had the old man mullet when he was born;)

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Kinda. He's got about 5 hairs at the front Lol I hope it grows soon, his hear is a weird shape Smile

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Emma has short bird hair, pretty much a baldy here too! I wish she had hair; I want to play with it so badly!!! But I know she will someday. I was practically bald until around 15 months! Ugh...please don't follow my lead...

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I have the opposite! Simon has so much hair and it's so long!! He's starting to have Rocker hair and DH doesnt want to cut it. I'm sure people will start thinking he's a girl soon.

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Melanie, I like your new ticker - Slenderella! Good luck!

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chloe has a lot of hair!! I'm happy because Trev has a strange hair line.

but i think bald babies are adorable!!!

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Totally baldy here too. Its more like peach fuzz and blond on Odin.