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Has anyone taken their little one for their first hair cut yet? Ronin's hair is startig to get noticably long in the back and everyone is on at me to get it cut, but I just don't think it's worth it yet. The front isn't overly long and the back can grow for a bit longet before it's too unruly (and it's getting a bit of a curl in the end when it's messy). He also has this funny patch where he had his little rubbed bald patch as a newborn where the hair was seeming to stop growing right above it and starting bloe making a tiered look which I kind of want to grow out a bit more before cutting.

Also where do you even take someone so young for a haircut, the barber in town would be the cheapest and thats where hubby goes. I have no idea with hairdressers considering how infrequently I go to one.

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DS1 was about 14 months old but it was really long and getting in his face. Even if he'd been a girl I would have taken him (well, her) to get it tidied up Lol

Tobey is no where near needing a hair cut. Anyway, I love the ginger curls and I don't want it to go if I get it cut. It's quite long over his ears but it's not in his face so it's fine. I'm going to leave it until it's unmanageable for me Smile DH is on at me to get it cut but he doesn't do anything with it so it's not really his issue Wink

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We're still waiting on hair that people can see. Lol

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not yet, Lucas' hair sounds almost exactly like Ronin's. i meant to ask my hairdresser last week if they do baby's hair. if they don't I might look specifically for a children's hair place I know they have them around here. Do you have any of those nearby? I don't plan on cutting his yet.

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Give Lucas another year or so to actually grow some hair Biggrin

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Ha! My little man has been getting haircuts since he was like 5 months old. My husband does them himself. He gets one about every three weeks. He has lots and lots of hair.

This was him last christmas. Within a few months it became unmanageable.

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We only have see through fuzz so a haircut is way off for Odin.

DS1 got his just before a year and we just had DH's aunt do it the first few times. Then we discovered an awesome kid place that did his cuts. I found that the more we got the baby hair cut the thicker it came in each time and started to take on an actual shape instead of just crazy.

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Teagan still just has a very fine, short, baby mullet. Its not so bad as to need to cut it and even if it were I'm not sure I would. There's something sad to me about a baby's first haircut. My mom kept the hair from my first haircut in an envelope and I'll do the same. Teagan probably won't need a haircut for another few years. Even if she were a boy I don't think I'd cut it. I want to have a little boy with long locks. Blum 3 When it comes time, I'll probably do it myself.

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Sophie def doesn't need a hair cut just yet... her bangs are starting to get a bit long, but nothing worth cutting just yet...

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We started getting Evan's cut at 6 months. He had some hair that was way past his ears, and some that was a bit shorter. It definitely needed cleaned up. He usually ends up getting one around every month to six weeks. And like pp have said, it seems to come in thicker with each cut. I take him to my sister, so we didn't have a problem finding someone. She works at a salon in the town I grew up in (we got lucky there). But I've seen kids in other salons getting theirs done too. A barber may also be able to do a cut. And the price shouldn't be too bad, as I'm guessing they aren't getting their hair washed, just sprayed with water and trimmed.