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Hanging out over here

Hi I'm Ryan, from the November 2010 board. Hayden (DS3) was born Nov 2nd. Our board is a little quiet so I thought I would hang over here too. Hope you ladies dont mind!!!

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Look ladies! We're the popular kids! Blum 3

Welcome! We're still going strong here in October. The age difference of a few weeks is starting to matter less and less anyway. Before we know it, they'll all be 1 and we'll be laughing about the times when we worried that so and so's baby did something 2 weeks before ours ;).

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:wavehello: Hi Ryan!

Oct 2010 is the place to be, apparently! The more the merrier! Biggrin

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:wavehello: Welcome! Our board is pretty hoppin, it's mostly because we're a bunch of jabber jaws Smile Anyway, jump on in!!!

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Welcome!!! We're happy to have another friend!! Smile

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I'm think that combining the Nov and Oct BB is the way to go. Lol

You're obviously more than welcome over here - Our DS's share the same birthday! :mrgreen:

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Not much of an age difference between your little cutie and some of the ones on our board! Hop right in Smile

And your little guy is ridiculously cute!

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Welcome! Glad to have you around.
Your little guys is super cute!

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Hello and welcome! Mommy to 3 boys, eh? We're going to get along, you and I! Wink

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We November 2010 gals have the quietest board ever.

I've been trying. And will continue to try. Smile

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Hi.....Welcome.....we love new friends

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Welcome! I love it here. Your little boy is adorable.

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Thank you ladies for the warm welcome!!!!!

I'll give you the quick run down on me. I am 29 ( 30 in August eeeek!!!) I have been with DH for 10yrs married for 6. Benjamin is 7, Ethan is 4 and little Hayden is almost 7 months. I am a hairstylist part time and SAHM the other part. I am originally from Maine but have lived in Kansas for the past 10 1/2 years. I love being a mom but 3 boys is enough for me. I am loving every minute of my last babe Smile

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August what? I am an August baby as well

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August 29th, i am actually excited to finally be out of my 20's!!!!!