Hannah, Update

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Hannah, Update

Hannah turned 6 months on Tues,
Her 6 month appointment went very well, she how weighs 15lb 3oz and eating about 10 or more spoons of solids, and a whole baby yogurt, for her tea (little fatty) we had to move her up to hungry baby formula.
She still sleeps from 7.45pm untill 8.30 am Smile

She has cut her first tooth today, you can see the top of it poking threw her gum. and also these last cpl days she has learnt to get up on all fours, and today she has started crawling backwards.

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Wow, crawling already!!!!! Great update!!! Smile

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wow!! Crawling!!! How exciting!

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Sounds like she is doing great!

BTW I love the new siggy pic of your boys! They are too cute!