Happy Birthday Clara (MomW)

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Happy Birthday Clara (MomW)

:cake::happybday:Happy Birthday Clara:happybday::cake:

Hope you have an awesome day

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Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy birthday!!! Xxxx

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Happy birthday Clara!

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Happy Birthday, Clara!!!!!

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Happy First Birthday to (one of) our first official October Pumpkin Seeds!!! Yay Clara!


And happy VBA2C Anniversary to Christa!

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Happy birthday Clara!

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Happy birthday Clara!!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! We had a great day celebrating Clara's birth. We went camping with great family and friends and celebrated all weekend. I have pictures to share a little later when the LO's settle down, right now Clara's out of bananas for breakfast and is throwing a fit, better get back to her.

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Happy Belated Birthday!

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Happy Late Birthday Clara!! Glad it was a good weekend for you all.