Happy Birthday Clara & Tobey!!

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Happy Birthday Clara & Tobey!!

Happy Birthday to Clara & Tobey!!! It might be past midnight in the UK but its still the 1st here.


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Happy Birthday Tobey and Clara!!! Yay for 2. . . or boo for 2. Where does the time go? Seriously.

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Happy Birthday Clara and Tobey!

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Happy Happy Birthday to Clara and Tobey!!! I hope their day (as well as their mommy's) was wonderful!!

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Happy Birthday Clara and Tobey! I hope they both had a awesome second birthday! Smile

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Thank you Smile It wasn't past midnight when you posted but I was in bed lol.

He had a lovely day, got loads of trains and huge 4ft tall cuddly Tigger (he loves Tigger).

If anyone is interested...here is a pic of the cake I made for him. (It's Mr Tumble's spotty bag, it's from a TV show over here that he loves)


And this is what it looked like inside


And...Happy Birthday Clara!!

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That is totally adorable!!!!!

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Happy Birthday, Clara and Tobey!

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Somehow I've missed this thread all week. So sorry!

Thank you, she had a good day. We haven't done her birthday party yet. It was supposed to be Sunday night but neither of the g-parents could make it so we postponed it until this weekend. She did enjoy us singing happy birthday to her and making a big deal of it although she didn't understand why Smile

Happy belated birthday Tobey! Love the cake. I'm floundering on what I'm going to make for Clara's cake. Any suggestions!!??? I've never and probably wouldn't be able to attempt fondant.