Happy Birthday Delaney!

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Happy Birthday Delaney!

I know Laurene doesn't post much anymore, but I wanted to wish Miss Delaney a very happy birthday today!

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Happy Birthday, Delaney!!!:cake:

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Happy birthday! Drop in and tell us how things are going sometime Laurene!

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:party: Happy #2 Big Girl!!

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Happy Birthday Delaney!

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Hello my ladies!!! I know I've been MIA...I have been lurking tho Smile

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for Delaney. I really can't believe she is 2 now. I've been getting rid of all my baby clothes and baby stuff. Pretty bitter sweet.

I rarely find time @ work to get on here. I just need to put a link in my favorites so I can drop in more often.

We are all doing well. Miranda is loving her new preschool. I've been able to take her to school alot more. Working for yourself is definately nice but definately a PITA at times. lol

So, that's about all. CONGRATS to all the new mommies and I can't believe all the preggos around here. Thank goodness I got my tubes tied or I might be tempted again. hahahahahahha j/k

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Happy Birthday!!

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Happy Birthday, and thanks for the update!