Happy Birthday, Emma!!! (xp) *added cake pic*

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Happy Birthday, Emma!!! (xp) *added cake pic*

Today is my baby girl's 1st birthday. I have to say, I was a MUCH bigger wreck this morning than I thought I'd be. It's totally normal to sit in your car drinking Starbucks, listening to "Butterfly Kisses" while sobbing on your daughter's 1st birthday, right? If so, then I'm totally fine. If not...well...yea.

I made her birthday invitation and announcements myself and am getting them printed today. They are similar, except her invitation has the party info and doesn't have the newborn picture. I just wanted to share with you because, well, I'm proud.

In all honesty, "I love you" just isn't nearly enough of an expression of how I feel about this baby. I don't think I've ever thanked God so many times for one blessing in my entire life. Okay, before I start bawling again...

I did not write the poem on the announcement, I found it online. However, I did write this little poem to put in her baby book. I'm such a sappy mess.

I want to tell you the story
of a sweet little girl,
who from her very first day,
changed the world.

She began her reign,
in a uterine throne.
She was never shy at all,
about making her opinion known.

The moment I saw her,
blue, wrinkled, and wet,
I felt the strongest emotions,
that I had ever felt yet.

She was the most beautiful person,
that I'd ever seen.
More than I'd asked for,
at night in my dreams.

Mimis, food, her blankies,
and her brothers she loves.
Daddy is her king,
Mama, her angel from above.

She knows what she wants,
and will tell you how she feels.
She knows nothing of patience,
or of how her smile heals.

She is there for her family,
as much as they are for her.
She brings love, joy, and sorrow,
and helps them endure.

I've watched this girl grow,
each day this past year.
My love has grown, too,
through her laughter and tears.

I want to tell you a story,
my sweet little girl,
of the queen of my heart,
of you ♥
You have

Added a pic of her Snickerdoodle Cake:

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Aw. I was hoping to get through the day without crying. Wink

Happy Birthday Emma! Teagan is so happy to share her birthday with you! Make it a great day!

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I'm almost sorry I opened this thread! You have me in tears over here!! :cryinghard: I know how you feel because I feel the same way about my little girl! You are going to have everyone on this board crying!

Happy Birthday, Emma!!!!

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awww that is sweet! i love the announcement she is beautiful. We all know how you feel and we are, or will all be feeling it very soon. Happy birthday to Emma!

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How incredibly sweet! So touching. Smile

And, yes, very much within the realm of normal to cry over your LOs 1st birthday. Wink

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UGH, you made me cry too!! You need a warning on your title Wink

Happy Birthday Emma!!

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Happy Birthday Emma! I love your announcements, they are beautiful! And so is your BIG baby girl!!

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OMG making me cry too!! I love her invitation! She is a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday Emma!!

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Happy birthday, Emma!

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I'm breaking out the tissues here, sooo sweet! And I love your annoucements, they are adorable!

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So sweet...gorgeous pictures!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0)

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Thank you, ladies. I think she had a great birthday Smile She absolutely LOVED her snickerdoodle cake!

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That cake looks super yummy! Glad she liked it. Smile

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Ohh, that cake looks YUMMY!!

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That's so sweet. She will have no doubt about her mommas love when reading that!

Happy belated birthday!

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That is so sweet. I think it's perfectly fine to cry on their birthday, I'm sure I will too. Love the poem.

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Happy Birthday Emma!
Love the invitation!

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Yup, I'm bawling over here!!! Happy birthday Emma!!!