Happy birthday Magalie (kellymommy01)

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Happy birthday Magalie (kellymommy01)


Happy Birthday Magalie

I know Carole isn't around much anymore, but It's Magalie's first birthday today (20th September).
If anyone has contact with Carole let her know we are thinking of her and her sweet girl today and pop back in with an update.

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Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy birthday to our first September Pumpkin Seed!!!


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Happy Birthday, Magalie!!

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Smiley Face

Happy Birthday Magalie!!!

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Wow! Happy birthday! Smile

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happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!!!!

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Happy Birthday!!

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Happy birthday!!!

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Thank you so much for starting this!!! can't believe Magalie is one already!! Time sure flies. We celebrated last weekend, it was a big party as we celebrated Nico's 4th birthday as well.

She had a lot of fun and went to town with her smash cake! I was very proud of her as all my other kids weren't interested in their smash cake at all! She was my very last hope Smile She is such a sweet baby, smiling all the time. She really has a great personnality, we are very lucky. She is very close to walking, and she babbles a lot, but it is not real words yet...unless she learned a foreign language without me knowing Smile

I read all the TTC threads and I am very happy for all of you, but I can safely say that we are done!

I am not around much as I am back in school part time and I went back to work last week. Very busy times. Plus, since Nico and Magalie started a new daycare, they are both sick all the time Sad But nothing major, just the eternal annoying cold, loose poop, low grade fever combo. Oh well, nothing to call home about Smile

I try to come here from time to time to read how all of you girls are doing. Just need to take a minute to post more often:)

Can't wait to see all the birthday pics!!! I have seen some amazing practice cakes! You girls are very talented!!

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Thank you for updating, congrats on going back to school.