Happy Birthday Maggie (mom2tictacs)

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Happy Birthday Maggie (mom2tictacs)

:occasion1::happybday: Happy Birthday Maggie:happybday::occasion1:

I know Shannon isn;t aroundd, but if she sees this or anyone talks to her away from here happy birthday to Maggie and pop in for an update.

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happy birthday maggie!

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Happy Birthday Maggie!!!! Yahoo

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Happy Birthday Maggie! :D!!

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Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

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happy birthday!

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[LEFT]I'm here!

I pop in really really sporadically, usually I'm nak and just reading/lurking I guess. But thank you for including Maggie!

She had a wonderful birthday yesterday and she'll be having her party on the 15th. We're in Texas now but all of our family is in KS, we're going back home for her party Smile

She's doing good. Just started taking walking on Saturday/Sunday. I did take a photo of her every month for her first year, they're not on photobucket but I did a blog post yesterday. http://bubbaandpooks.blogspot.com/2011/10/happy-1st-birthday-sissy.html

Gosh I can't believe how old our kiddos are getting! Happy Birthday to all the October babies...I wish I had more time to reply to individual threads but with four kids and now we're in the middle of moving again (to Italy, no less!) I am swamped.


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Happy Birthday! She's a cutie.

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Happy birthday Maggie!!

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Hi Shannon! Thanks for the update! Smile

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I wasn't on here really yesterday so I have to catch up!!

Happy Birthday Maggie!!