Happy Birthday to Owen today! *super pic heavy

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Happy Birthday to Owen today! *super pic heavy

We are having his favorite dinner, SPAGHETTI! Then we are going to head to Sprinkles and I'm going to let him pick out a cupcake. YUM!

I thought I'd share some favorite pics from the past year, just because it's so amazing to see how much they change. AND I absolutely love taking pictures of my babies! Wink

Happy Birthday little man! I love you!

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Happy Birthday Owen! He is such a adorable little guy! I love his hair! So cute.

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Oh wow, I love the progression pictures of him! He's changed so much and yet still looks really similar to when he was a newborn. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!!!! Happy Birthday Owen!!!

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Happy Birthday Owen!
Love all his pics! He has totally change so much and looks like such a little boy now.

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I LOVE those pics! *melts*
So precious!
I LOVE your family pictures!
You are one GORGEOUS momma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pics of your handsome guy and happy birthday to him!

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awww i love his photos! and i love the one of him with his big brother:) happy birthday owen!

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What a cutie pie! I love seeing the progression. The one with his brother is so sweet!

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Great pics, so cute!!

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Happy Birthday Owen!! Your pictures are wonderful, and he is absolutely precious!!!

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Wow!! The pics of Owen are gorgeous!! I can't believe how much he has grown!!

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What amazing pictures! TFS! Smile

Happy belated birthday to Owen!!! :party: