Happy Dance!

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Happy Dance!

I didn't want to take away from abacaxi's Law School thunder, so I waited until today but ....

I survived my first semester of grad school!!! I didn't get anywhere near as much research accomplished as I wanted to/probably should have. BUT, I managed to do well in my class and get myself set up for a summer of research. Also, I got that fellowship that I told a few of you about! For the next year, I won't have to worry about how I'm getting paid and it's quasi-renewable. So long as I do good work, I might be able to continue to get it in future years.

Yay! Only like 6 more years to go! Yahoo

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That's great! Congrats! Smile

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Congratulations Erin! I'm so happy for you about the fellowship and of course surviving the first semester Biggrin :pinkelephant:

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Congrats!! What a great accomplishment!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Biggrin

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Woo hoo! WTG Mama!