Happy Easter

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Happy Easter

Ronin met the Easter Bunny at daycare yesterday, he apprantly kept stroking the bunny's face and fur

And just a couple of extra

I'm sure I'll have more after he gets eggs over the weekend.

So Happy Easter everyone and share all your cute pictures as well.

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Love the easter bunny pics! So very cute! Smile

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Aww, those are incredibly cute!

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Yay, so cute! Kind of a creepy bunny though. Those eyes. Staring into your soul .... Wink

I just bought Teagan's Easter basket and some chocoloate bunnies (for DH and I, of course). I'm going to go buy her her first Easter bonnet on Saturday!

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aww, he looks very cute with those ears on Smile

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How cute!!!!!! Love the bunny ears!

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Awww how cute! I think Owen would love to meet a life sized bunny too! He loves our dog and the neighborhood cat. Smile

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Awww!! Cute!!!

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Such cute pics! That is one large bunny!

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looooove the bunny ears!! too cute!! Smile