Happy Easter everyone!

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Happy Easter everyone!

Owen just had a ginormous blowout in his adorable easter outfit! The vest was salvageable, but the white polo...not so much.

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful day...He is Risen!

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Oh no!

My husband swears he set the alarm, but we never heard it go off. There's only one Easter mass here and we didn't get up in time to make it! Oh well. DH has to leave in a couple of hours anyway for a couple of days, so we're enjoying our unexpected family time. I'm hoping the sun eventually comes out so I can take pictures outside of Aiden in his ugly little Easter outfit (my mom bought it - I hate it).

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Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!!

A blowout was what I was worried about in Lyla's Easter dress. Fortunately she didn't have one. Sorry about Owen's outfit. I hope you got some cute pictures first, and if you did, please share!

Here's my little Easter girl!

I hope you don't mind me sharing on your thread. . . Smile

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Anna, she looks SO grown up in the last picture! If I tried that pose with Aiden he'd be on the ground rolling around eating that basket in less than 3 seconds. Trying to get pictures of him without his hands or an object in his mouth is incredibly difficult these days. Trying to get Aiden to sit is impossible. He can sit but refuses to do so because it's a lot more fun to roll across the room in 10 seconds flat. (Can you tell I'm jealous? :lol:)

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Yes! A great Easter! Sorry about the outfit.. I was worried about Natalies white shirt before I even put it on..Im glad she didnt spit up on it!

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Happy Easter:0)