A Happy End

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A Happy End

I suprised and happy that Odin decided it was time to wean all on his own. Serioiusly, I think he would have gone on forever if Archer had not come into the picture. The last month he was down to nursing once a day before nap. And then he stopped asking for nursing and started talking more about how it was Archer's milk.

Our last session was about 2 weeks ago while Archer was playing on the floor. He was tired and frustrated so I asked him if he wanted to nurse. He latched on and was so squirmy. After about a minute he unlatched and said, "Archer turn, Archer nana (aka: nurse), Odin all done". And that was it Biggrin Since then he hasn't nursed and pretty much tells me the same thing every time. He even talks to Archer in a little baby voice and asks "Archer, mommy nana?" And tells me over and over when he 'thinks' Archer wants to nurse. LOL, its very sweet and such a awesome way for him to pass on the boobie torch.

Its kinda funny to be done nursing one kiddo but not totally done nursing because of nursing a baby. Archer is not as much of a boobie addict. He nurses to eat and that is pretty much it so I doubt he will nurse as long as Odin did. But after having as much trouble as I did nursing Ryland and only making it 6 months I am beyond thrilled to have gone 23 months with Odin!!!!

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Oh Joy that is fantastic that he nursed for so long and then decided quite happily that he was done on his own. So beautiful!
Very sweet how he "passed" it on to his baby brother. Smile

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That is so sweet, Joy! What a great story you have to treasure. And GREAT job nursing for so long!!

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So sweet! Congrats on 2 years of nursing with Odin and 6 months of tandem nursing (I like to round up ;))!!!

You've kept me going this last year. I really hope mine and Teagan's nursing relationship ends similarly. I'm guessing she'll be closer to 3-4 though before she passes the torch to Sprog.

You rock!

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That is so cute!! How ridiculously sweet that he has given the 'nana' to Archer! I love it. What a sweet memory for you to cherish.

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aw thank you for sharing! very sweet story!

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That is a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on 23 months!

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That is so sweet! Congrats on nursing for so long, that is terrific!

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Congratulations Joy! Great story and great ending!

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That is a precious story. Congratulations for making it so long.

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Awww so cute!!! I think we're done BFing here too! But Simon still want to look at them sometimes. I call him my little pervert! Biggrin