It has been on Breastfeeding!!!!!

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It has been on Breastfeeding!!!!!

I have had contractions all day yesterday and not as many today...but none the less, I am 2cm 50%...and getting induced TUESDAY!
I need a refresher on breastfeeding...the lactation woman (who is still at the hospital) didn't give me very good info...Josie always had a bad latch...and I NEVER had a time when it DIDN'T HURT like a ___________. but we BF for 8 months...and did have to supplement...cause she told me not to pump the first 6-8 weeks and my nips were SO SORE (from the bad latch) I had to supplement...
ANYWAY, so I'd love your TIPS, TRICKS, and EXPERIENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone gave me a great site...I have been studying...but I thought that I need more!:0)

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I wonder why she told you not to pump? I understand over supply issue but Id have pumped to give my nips a break some & use for baby.

I'd say for sure hook up with a really great LC that can help you with positioning and latching.

For a NB football hold often helps with the positioning & better latch cause they are pressed closer to your body & head position is more ideal. Also look that the lips are puckered out and not rolled in when on. Aim your nip for the roof of the mouth.

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Is there a La Leche League near you? Or even one even in your area of the state? They're at least a good resource to contact about finding a GOOD local LC. A bad latch can be for a variety of reasons and if you have that issue again, you want to get on it ASAP.

Do you have any breastfeeding books? I found mine (Nursing Mother's Companion) useful for seeing pictures of different holds and seeing what a good latch should look like on the outside (my point of view). It also gave reasons why I might be sore. We had no LC within two hours of me, so the book saved us since I had something to go off of to help me research more. I recently gave a mom-to-be here LLL's BFing book (Womanly Art of BFing).

But the best source of instant info is Kelly Mom! Their forums can be a big help when needed too. Smile

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Pain for a few weeks is normal. Pain for 8 months is not. I wonder if Josie has an abnormally high palate or a tongue tie. Given your difficulty BFing her, I'd have a LC look for those two things right away. A tongue tie can be clipped and there are things (can't remember them right now) to do for a high palate.

The reason she told you not to pump for the first 6-8 weeks is because that's the window of time that really sets up for supply. After that, there's a hormonal shift that makes it difficult to get your supply above where its been set. Supplementing during that time will decrease your supply and likely shorten the duration of your nursing relationship. By giving the baby BM, either by nursing or pumping, you're setting your supply. That LC gave you bad advice. If the pain is SO bad that you must resort to bottles then pumping should be your first step, not supplementation.

I totally agree that you should start attending BFing support meetings ASAP. Despite having read every BFing book and website, watched videos, and having the support of these ladies, I still needed help. My birth center's group was amazing and I made a lot of great friends.

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Lucas had a bad latch and always tucked his lips in. The LC said the top lip doesn't matter, but if you keep finding they have their bottom lipped tucked in you can gently press down on their chin to open their mouth a bit wider and it should pop out without disturbing them.

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Thank you ladies!!!:0) I appreciate it!

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The football hold always worked well for us, especially on my right side. Remember- if the latch hurts, try again. Like Erin said pains for a while are normal, after some time it shouldn't hurt. And don't forget to stock up on nip cream. You'll do awesome!!!

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Try your library for breastfeeding books as well, i know my local library has a few. I agree with pretty much everything else as well, find a group to support you and ask questions. Does LLL have a supportline you can call if you need help. I know here the ABA has a 24/7 supportline that you can call to talk to someone, i called them once in tears when Ronin was about seven months old and teething which was causing acidic salvia and non healing cracks, they talked to me, helped me with some immediate things i could do and were just supportive, and willing to help me through that rough period

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Thank you all!!!:0)