Hello my peeps!!! It's been way tooooooo long.......

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Hello my peeps!!! It's been way tooooooo long.......

Hello out there you lovely women! I've missed your craziness.....

Life has been....well, a handful. My last day of work @ the school was last week. I still haven't given notice, will do that next week. I feel like such a relief has been lifted off my shoulders. However, we are moving into a bigger warehouse so that scares me a bit but I know we'll do just fine.

My niece had her baby last week. They detected at an ultrasound @ 30 weeks (they were looking at her placenta previa) that his heart was larger than normal and he had fluid in his abdomen. They took him early at just shy of 37 weeks but he's having some major complications. Seems that his lungs are at the maturity of a 26-28 week old. So his lungs can't handle the pressure the heart is pumping at them.....they had him on a intubator but he started going down hill. He's now on a ECMO machine....she said it will hopefully let his lungs heal a little bit. Please say a prayer for him...he needs all the prayers he can get. Sad

So come on....I've had a hard time keeping up with you newly preggos and some of you that are about to have your baby!!! Oh my goodness, I've missed alot. I'm hoping that now I don't have literally 3 jobs that I can stop in more often. I would lurk but its so hard to post from a cell phone.

Anwyays, I look forward to being around more often. TTYL


****Oh and welcome to all the newbies Smile

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Hi, I'm Mel, one of the newbies to this board!

I'm so sorry to hear about your niece's baby. I hope he gets well fast!

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Hi Laurene! I'm sorry to hear about your niece's baby, I will keep him in my prayers.

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Welcome back! I've been keeping up with you on fb. I'll be praying for the little baby boy.

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Sorry to hear that about your niece's baby. How scary! Sad

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Hope everything starts looking up for your nieces baby. Glad you finally got to stay home with the business though, you've been wanting that for awhile iirc

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Yay for being able to give notice at your school job and focusing more on the business you guys have. What a relief to not have so much going on now that its summer.

So sorry about your nieces baby. That is very sad.

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Hey stranger! I'm glad things are going well enough with the business to quit your school job and move to a new house. So sorry to hear about your niece's baby. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts for sure.

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Good to hear from you! Yay for no more school job!

T&P to your neice's baby boy. Those little ones can be quite the fighter, I hope he gets better soon.

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Glad that you checked in, and that you may have more time on your hands. Sending T&P to your niece's baby.

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welcome back! i will be thinking of your niece's baby Sad