Help for diaper Rash??

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Help for diaper Rash??

Crazy but something that totally stumps me is diaper rashes!
DD only ever had one, but it lasted forever, several trips to the pedi and finally to the dermatologist before getting it cleared up!
Now DS has one and I can't seem to figure it out either. I think he's always had sensitive skin. Usually we use Aveeno diaper cream and Pampers sensitive wipes. Last weekend after having three days at home with him, I thought I had it looking pretty good - only used wash cloths/paper towels & water for wipes. Pedi recommended at one point to try triple antibiotic ointment at times and we also have a triamcinalone steroid cream to use as well.
Back at daycare on Monday and his butt has never looked worse!!! Sad He screams when trying to wipe him for diaper changes. Daycare recommended switching diaper creams - I hadn't b/c my experience with DD was that none of them helped. But, took her advice and tried Burts Bees. This weekend I've given him time to run around diaper free and still no commercial baby wipes. I read to try baking soda baths and also bought some Aveeno Oatmeal baths. Today I picked up some maximum strength desitin.
I'm trying to change his diet a bit, cut out things that might make his poo acidy - oranges, etc? Trying to eat more yogurt, bananas, etc.

I'm so at a loss, it just doesn't seem to get any better?!! I feel awful for him!
I'm thinking I'll have to take him in since I can't figure it out but I feel so stupid that these diaper rashes always stump me :confused:

Anyone have advice????

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I use cloth so my rash treatment is a bit different. But, I think looking at his diet is a good idea. Teagan gets irritated if she eats too much fruit. That's pretty common. I try to limit fruit to 1-2 servings per day. Other than that, on the rare occasion that she gets a rash, I use Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. Its the miracle cream of cloth safe diaper creams. Its pricey but since I virtually never have to use it and since it works after one application I figure its worth it. Another thought, could it be a yeast rash?

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I was going to suggest yeast or go see the doctor, Ronin had the rash from hell earlier this year and we ended up needing a low strength hydrocortisone cream, not my first choice, but the rash had been coming and going for about 2-3 months to the point of almost bleeding at that stage.

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Maybe try the maximum desitine diaper rash in the purple box. I go to that if nothing else works..

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The Maximum Strength Desitin is the only thing that's ever helped Lyla's diaper rashes. She seems to almost always have one and it's pretty frustrating, but I put a really thick layer of the MS Desitin on there and it usually looks way better in the morning.

It sounds to me like you've done every logical, regularly recommended thing for his rash. At this point, I think it would be a good idea to see a doctor since viruses and yeast rashes don't respond to the usual treatments.

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Adding a layer of cornstarch over the cream can help to.

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Clara's behind is so sensitive! The ONLY thing I've found to work without a flaw and every.single.time. I've used it is the Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm!!!!! That stuff is the end all be all for diaper rash!!!!!! Shuck out the cash for it, you will NOT be disappointed. They have a facebook page and on Friday's they do a 50% off Friday where they run one item on sale for 50% off for a few hours that day, if you get the balm then it's half off.

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Thanks for the different suggestions!
I've been doing daily Aveeno oatmeal baths and letting him some diaper free time each day. I've been using the max strength Desitin and my daycare provider gave me a sample of Triple Paste and things are looking quite a bit better. I've been trying to watch the foods he eats as well. I'm so happy he's feeling better again!! I think I might actually cancel his Dr. appt tomorrow morning. Smile