help me! Food for party ideas..

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help me! Food for party ideas..

Chloe's party is sunday and we still haven't decided what to serve. I am so stinking tired of serving hot dogs! So I am gonna veto dh's suggestion of hot dogs.
We are on a budget so buget friendly food would be great!

I was thinking of these things

Cheese dip (we have plugs and can use a crock pot to keep it warm)
veggie dip
veggie tray
fruit tray
tortilla wraps
pigs in a blanket

Of course I am not gonna serve everything but I just need some ideas..
we are having her party in a room at our towns convention center.. so I'd prefer to serve cold food or food that can be kept warm in a crock pot!

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I'm terrible at making these types of suggestions. I'm doing pizza and some veggie trays. Lyla's party is tomorrow and I've already ordered the pizza, now I'm getting people saying they can't make it. I guess I need to call and see if I can reduce the number of pizza's I need!

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oh no! That would be super annoying.

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They let me reduce my order, so I guess I should be happy that I saved some money. I like your list. I think anything on there would be great. I wanted to do deli sandwiches, but since I can't eat them I decided not to have them. Biggrin

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All of that stuff will add up money wise.

Im doing chili. It is cheap to make and feeds a ton. You could throw in some cornbread or rolls and bam your done. You could even make it the day before.. And it goes perfect in a crock pot..

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I just ate chili for lunch and I thought about chili too. I could also put corn chips out and it could be like a chili dip? that is a very good suggestion though. keep them coming lol! Dh said I needed a list of suggestions when he came home, otherwise it is hot dogs. Luckily, I get block of cheese and 9 dollars to go towards fresh fruit and veg with my wic for free. that will save with some of the costs.. I also get whole wheat tortillas

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what about making your own pizzas? if you arn't into making the dough you could get pre made dough and then just add whatever as toppings? It would be cheaper then ordering pizza

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Something that is always super easy to put together is bruchetta and I know people eat that right up. You can either get the store bought kind of bruchetta (which might be costly) or make your own (very easy and can be made the day or two ahead) then get baguette crackers (i toast a baguette, sliced thinly) and it can be assembled either in advance or at the venue.

DD was born in December and for her birthday I didn't want a hot house PLUS tons of people and running around so i did egg, salmon, and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. they can be made in advance as well and just put out. Super easy and cheap to put together..boil a carton of eggs, open a can of salmon, cucumber isn't that expensive if you're on a budget.

Also, baked brie is easy and doesn't take a lot of time, just get some pastry and some fruit jam. Serve with apple slices. Looks great and people can snack at it.

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The chilli idea is great! What about a cheese/meat tray (pepperoni, summer sausage)? You could save $$ by buying a block of cheese and cubing it yourself..

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We did chilli and cornbread! We went with a fall-ish theme. Chilli and cornbread, apples with caramel fruit dip. Then chips/pretzels, veggies and pop. Next year I'm scheduling parties at 3:00pm and having cake and ice cream, and that's it. I've decided all that food is too much work!

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We're doing pigs & blankets - except since it's a Halloween party we're making them into mummies by wrapping the dough like a mummy and then using mustard for the eyes Biggrin

We're doing a lot of little finger food for our party, not an actual meal. So veggie trays, etc like you suggested. If you are on WIC, do you get eggs too? I am always trying to find something to do w/ all my eggs! You could do some deviled eggs or mini quiches? There's even some crustless mini quiches you can do in mini muffin pans (they probably have a name, though I couldn't tell you what), would be super cheap for you if get the eggs free!

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We are having a chili cook off:0) (for the kid's for the kids and adults!)