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Help.. ot

Can you help me put together a couple sentences to give a reason why I started a moms meetup group?.

I started it but Im dont really know what I want to say,,Basically just a way to get moms together, to make friends, meet other children, unifty the common bond of motherhoodship?? Etc... Im sure someone in this crowd is good at this stuff..

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I think what you have there sounds good. Just be honest about why you started the group and what goals you had for the group. When I write a paper or speech I start with an outline. I know it seems dumb, but it really works to get your thoughts organized. So you might start with Why? The answer will be up to you, but it could be something like you saw a need for mom's to be able to get together and for kids to get to play with other kids and knowing there were other moms out there who felt the same motivated you to try and get them together. Then you might talk about the Goals, where you might go over what you hope the group will achieve, such as collaboration for moms to be able to get input and ideas/support from other moms, you could also talk about the bond of motherhood here, for kids to get to gather and play with other kids and improve social and communication skills. You could have a point to talk about the current success of the group and how you feel the group will continue to grow. The one thing I would always tell my speech students is when you give a speech you: 1. Tell them what you are going to say. 2. Say it. 3. Tell them what you just told them. Intro, Body, Conclusion.

I hope that helps some.

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I think what you said would sum it up:0)