Help settle a bedtime argument. . .

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Help settle a bedtime argument. . .

So Lyla has started getting out of bed again after we put her down for the night. She will get on the floor and look under her door and yell random babble.

Would you go in there and put her back in bed? Or would you leave her to either fall asleep on the floor right in front of her door or figure out that she needs to get back in bed on her own?

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If Aiden is babbling and not upset, I'd probably leave him be. And hope it's a short lived phase!

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if it was Lucas and he wasn't freaking out, just talking to himself i would leave him.

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I would also leave. I remember sleeping on my parents floor MANY times as a child.. even once as a teenager because my tv was randomly coming off and on and I was freaked out. I turned out just fine.. I never remember being uncomfortable.

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If she's not upset, I'd totally leave her there.

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I'd leave her. Her goal in getting out of bed and babbling is to probably get you to come in there, so if she learns that's not going to happen then she will probably pass through this phase quickly. Also, even if she does end up sleeping on the floor, it's not going to hurt her.

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I agree with all the others. It sounds like she wants you to come in, and if you do, it will continue longer. Let her sleep on the floor, I doubt it will be uncomfortable for her. If it is, then she will move to the bed.

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I'm with the others. As long as she's not upset I'd leave her.

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From experience...

Crying=go in and settle them.

Happy and babbling=leave them, they'll go asleep eventually.

We put a baby gate on DS1's door when he got big enough to open it because he would wonder round the house. But with the gate on he'd just fall asleep in the doorway and I picked him up and stuck him in bed Smile He stopped doing it after a couple of months and just figured it was nicer to stay in bed Smile

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Yep, leave them if they are babbling and happy.

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Another vote for leave them, I find that going in when dd is not actually upset just prolongs her settling down and she gets more upset when I leave than if I just left her in the first place.

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Blum 3 To all of you!

DH kept telling to quit playing her game and just leave her. She's not 'happy' and babbling, but mad and yelling under the door. I would go in there each time she got out and just wordlessly put her back in bed. I did leave her to yell under the door for a nap a few days ago because I was nursing Kole and couldn't go in there right then and she eventually climbed back in bed for her nap.

The night before last I put her back in bed 3 times and then stopped and she fell asleep in front of her door. Last night I tried DH's tactic of leaving her alone and it took a while but she crawled back in bed and went to sleep. It worked again tonight. So, I will concede that I was wrong. This doesn't happen often to relish it.

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I'm no help, we only get waking accompanied by screaming here. If it's happy babbling I would likely leave it, but it's never going to happen around here

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((hugs)) Anna!

Toddlers are difficult! Aiden has started the mad yelling when he goes down too. I leave him because it's definitely different than him being truly upset. Now 6-8 months ago most of us would have gone to our babies for this but I think most kids at this age get that it's sleep time but they just don't want to miss anything!

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I agree with Jackie - younger babies are different, but 18 month olds can handle being mad until they start really screaming. They aren't mad because they need something, they are mad because they don't want to go to bed! Smile You can tell the difference between a sick/hurt yell, an upset I need something yell, and a I'm mad I'm going to bed yell. #1 & #2 go in immediately, #3 give it a couple minutes since what they need the most is sleep!