Here I am!

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Here I am!

I swear, I'm still around. I'm mostly in lurk mode due to just not having any time right now. Our house is officially on the market and I'm working day and night to get it ready to show. Add in ballgames every night this week and I'm just wiped out. I will be back, but first I need to get this house in shape and get into the ballgame routine which consists of running every night from 3 until 9 and then just crashing from exhaustion after tucking in the little kids. I do read some on my phone when I'm waiting on a ballgame to start and the little kids are behaving but by the time I get it all read I don't have a chance to say hi. I miss you girls Sad

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It sounds like you are crazy busy!! Good luck with getting the house ready. I hope it sells quickly!!

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Selling a house is exhausting work! Hope things settle down for you soon.

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i was wondering what happened to you! i saw the listing you posted, I would totally buy your house if you lived nearby

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I hear ya girl!!! BUUUSSSSYYYYYYY isn't even the word for it.

Last night I gave Samantha 45min to find a homecoming dress because it was after 7pm and I hadn't been home all day. Still didn't get home untili almost 8:30.

CONGRATS on listing your house. Wish I could sell mine and buy something bigger. Hope it sells quickly.

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Best of luck selling your house! I kinda figured you were officially listing it and still panicking about finding something in town. Wink
Miss you in chat!

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Hope your house sells quick and you guys can settle down a little this fall. Yep, I'd buy your house too if I lived near you! Pop in when you can.

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I hope it sells quickly! Sounds like you are super busy! Thanks for coming in and saying hello! I was wondering where you went off to! Biggrin

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Yay! I'm glad that you are alive if busy! Come back to us as soon as you can!

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Good luck selling your house! You sound like me, I'm constantly checking in on my phone, but by the time I read everything I don't have much time to actually post. Plus it's a pain to post from the phone anyways. Hope things calm down for you soon!

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Yaaaa!! Hope your house sells quickly!!! Smile

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Sounds crazy busy! Good luck with selling your house, I hope it sells quickly!