Here is what Feb/March has been like so far...

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Here is what Feb/March has been like so far...

Sorry I really have been MIA.. Here is what has been going on...

Christopher was born on the 17th, and we spent 5 days in the hospital when he was born, due to weight gain. We got home and he was still having weight issues(I was bfing) and well when he was 3 weeks old and I had to take him to the Emerg bc he couldn't cry, and had a horrible choking cough, and was really sick. We got there at 5, and Christopher had only nursed 2 times that day. Something was def wrong with him. He was too young for them to make us wait out in the waiting room, so they had put us in the Critical care room. They had to call a Pedi in and by that time we were put in another room. I had pumped a bottle and brought it with me, so I was feeding him that, but he still wasn't eating as good as he should have been.

The Pedi came in and looked at him, and said "You realize he has to stay right?" I said "No?" When we got there and they weighed him, he had only weighed 7lbs 5oz which was low. So by this time it was 11 at night and they transferred us to the Pedi unit where they had admitted him. That night they had put him on Oxygen, and was trying to regulate his breathing. They told me I couldn't nurse him, and I was to pump. I did pump, but breastpumps don't work as well as they baby so that ended nursing for me. I was super disappointed with myself and still am. They brought the Lactation Consultant in to see me, and she tried to get my milk to come back, but it was too late.

Well bc SS is involved in my life, and whatnot they called them, and they showed up. His weight loss or not enough gain was considered Failure to Thrive talk about emotional when they brought that term up. I cried, but even being on formula he wasn't gaining weight so now I know it wasn't something I was doing... We were there about 2 days and I had to leave bc I have 2 other children at home... well when I left he was off Osygen, and was drinking from a bottle... when I got back he was back on Oxygen, and was in an Isolette (to regulate his body temperature), and had a Feeding Tube in. I broke down and started crying. I called his dad and broke down on the phone.. no one could tell me what was wrong with him. They thought it was RSV, but that was negative. They done other tests, but they weren't back yet. So like I said no one had any answers. It was heartbreaking seeing my baby so sick. His weight would be up one day, and down the next... It was a rough time, and the fact his dad was only allowed there basically every other day for a hour. All I could say was "I wish I could be in 2 places at once."

Well we stayed in the hospital for 9 days in total, and by that time my girls' had gone away out of province bc it was my oldest daughter's March Break. That made things a little easier on me. When we got down starrs the scales had only said 7lbs 2oz, when we left the hopital he was 8lbs 2oz. A week later he was 8lbs 12oz and now today April 3rd he is 9lbs 7oz. He will take a 6 oz bottle, and sometimes even more... he is demand fed, but I am trying to get him on a feeding schedule, but he is still not a real good eater, he is more of a snacker. He is finally out of NB clothes bc of his length, so O-3 months are still too big, but fit in length. He just went into a size 1 diaper.

So that is where February and some of March went. I don't want to go back to the hospital any time soon that's for sure!! I do have pics LOTS of pics and will post some when I get the chance. However they are up on fb.

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How scary! They have no idea what was going on? ((hugs))

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It was very scary and nerve racking for sure. No, they still don't even know what was wrong... he is on the mend, and gaining weight good, but still has a horrible cough.

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I'm so sorry, that is scary. I'm glad he is gaining now and I hope they are able to get his cough to go away and figure out what was wrong.

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:bigarmhug: Wow, how scary! I'm so glad his weight is up now, and I hope he doesn't have to go back to the hospital any time soon! (Or ever Lol

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I am so sorry, how scary :bigarmhug: I am glad he is gaining weight now. I hope they figure out what was wrong and he keeps gaining weight and the cough goes away.

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Sorry you had such a rough time. Sad I'm glad he's doing better!

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That sounds horrible!! Glad you are back home. Hopefully he is feeling better.