Here's my day in a nutshell

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Here's my day in a nutshell

DS is in the midst of potty training, sort of. We spent the weekend letting him run naked and he did a really good job going on the potty. He had one pee that he had to halt and then he ran to the bathroom and finished on the potty. He did a 2 hour nap bone dry. He did however poop on the basement carpet last night. DH cleaned it up and was not happy but thankfully it was two solid turds (I can't believe I just used the words thankfully and pooping on my carpet in the same paragraph!!). So, today I was going to keep going with the naked thing and see how it went. He wore a diaper to bed last night and seemed starving when he woke up so I let him eat first before I changed his dipe and let the nakedness begin. He came back in to the living room with wipes after breakfast so I pulled his pj pants off and poop streaked down his leg. At this point, I'm freaking cause it has just gotten all over me, the carpet, and him. Clara and Yogi (the puppy) were sitting right next to me so I had to keep them back while I cleaned up the mess. Finally, all done. I go down the hallway to my bedroom to throw the diaper away and see the pup eating something in the hallway. Oh yeah, it's Grady's poop that had leaked when he walked to get the wipes. At this point, I'm trying desperately not to barf while I clean up the poop and then wash out the dogs mouth and clean him up.

He peed once on the carpet and couldn't get it stopped. He did sit on the toilet after but nothing came out. And then while he was eating lunch he peed in the high chair but was able to stop it and finish in the potty. The dog licked up the pee that had gotten on the floor from the high chair while I was taking DS in the bathroom to finish.


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Yes, yes they are :eek: :puke2:

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Oh gross. Sad

I really wish I could just skip the potty training phase. When I worked childcare, I always refused to do the rooms with potty trainers. Ew.

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oh boy, well he was only trying to help with the clean up;) yuck!!

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Ewwwww. That does sound like an adventure filled day. Hopefully it gets better for you.

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Oh wow. It definitely has to get better! My DD is pretty much trained but still has occasional accidents. And whenever I clean up after I think about how I hate doing that, but how it is still soooooo much better than constantly changing her diapers! And easier, for the most part!

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Niceee!!! jk.. Yeah potty training in the those first few days makes me want to gag...

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Eww my dog would TOTALLY do this. He has licked up vomit on more than one occasion, which makes my stomach turn just thinking about it.

Good luck with the potty training! I am just not ready to try yet, hopefully in the next few months. Smile

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:puke2: yuck!!

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Yes they are!

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We had a dog eat poo incident this morning. DH brought Teagan's potty into the living room because she's been stealth pooping for the past few days. I told him it wasn't a good idea. He looked at me like I was nuts. So, like 5 minutes later, Teagan makes her poop noise, DH runs over, rips her diaper off (flinging poo everywhere), and starts yelling "Aaaahh, help!" I told him I'd help him after I finished my coffee. I mean, I had told him it wasn't a good idea. I got a dirty look for that one. So, I got up and tried to help him out while the dogs desperately tried to eat the poo off the floor. DH was screaming, the dogs were whining, Teagan was crying, but I couldn't help but laugh. :rolleyes:

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I wish you the best of luck!! LOL! That's all I have to say Blum 3