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Almost a year after child birth and a hernia caused by pregnancy and child birth. Anyone else experience this??!! UGH. Being a woman sure has its challenges!

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I've been lucky to never have had a hernia. DH had one nearly 10 years ago and still talks about how it hurt. Are you having surgery on it?

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Never had one. I had some big (TMI) piles after giving birth though


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No I have never had one.. I thought I did when I was pg with Chloe but I guess not because it does not hurt or bulge anymore.. Is it painful?

I also have horrible hermi's after being pg! Sad

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A friend of mine has one and didn't have symptoms of it until after her daughter turned 3. I think lifting her daughter made it bulge. She didn't have surgery on it yet, though if it continues to be a problem she may. It was very painful for her.

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Not the same, but I had a double hernia as a small child.

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It sounds very painful Sad Pregnancy and childbirth sure are hard on the body.