He's feeling better!!!

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He's feeling better!!!

Hey ladies

Simon is feeling better today!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Yahoo He is fairly happy and not sleeping tons like he has been, and even eating a bit better. Not quite back to regular but definitely better. He even took a few mouthfuls of cereal.

I weighed him this morning to see how much weight he lost, and he's up to 25 lbs 2 oz. LOL! I dont know how he managed to not lose any, or he already started making up for the loss last night when he started feeling better.

Either way I'm soooooooooo relieved! I cant wait until he's back to his piggy eating self!

Thanks for all your support. It was definitely a really rough couple of days!!!

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I'm glad he is feeling better!

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So glad he is feeling better!!!!!!!!!

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Well, that's good news!

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Fantastic! Smile

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Yay!! Glad he is feeling better.

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That's great!!!

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa Smile I'm sooooo happy to hear he's feeling better! Smile

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So glad he is feeling better!

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Yay, that's great he is feeling better, what a relief!

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That's great Smile

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Oh, thank goodness!