He's here! Kathy (HorseMomma) had Abram!

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He's here! Kathy (HorseMomma) had Abram!

I got the following text from her:

8lbs 8oz born at one eighteen hard delivery 4 me but Abram is ok

I look forward to hearing more from her soon!

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Welcome to the World Abram!! Can't wait to see pics! Wishing you a quick recovery!

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Good sized baby! Biggrin CONGRATS Kathy!!!! Rest up and I hope recovery goes well.

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Congrats, and welcome to the world, baby Abram! Kathy, rest up and I hope you recover quickly.

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Congrats! Welcome baby Abram! I hope you recover quickly, rest up as much as you can!

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Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations Kathy! I cannot wait to see pictures and I hope you are recovering ok.

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Yay congrats! Rest up and post pics when you are up to it.

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Congratulations!! Yahoo

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Yay! WTTW Abram, and congratulations to the proud family!

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WTTW Abram!!! Kathy, I hope you have a quick recovery. Congrats!!!!

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Yay!! Congrats Kathy!!

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Oh my gosh!!! Kathy posted pics on FB and he is soooo cute!!! He has the biggest, poofiest cheeks! I can't wait for her to come and share here!

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Little late to this but Congratulations!!! Smile