He's signing! He's signing!

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He's signing! He's signing!

Can't believe it, but Aiden started signing "milk" today! The first time I wondered if it was a fluke, but I went ahead and BF him while signing back. The second time I began to think something might be happening. By the 4th time today I realized he really does get it! Yahoo It's so cute because he's opening and closing his fist up in the air while fussing and giving me A LOOK. (I've only opened and closed a fist several times as our sign for milk.)
And the best part of all? Whenever I fed him after he signed, he actually ATE. Like fed for 5-10 minutes not the normal 3 minutes of pure distraction. :mrgreen:
I'm SO excited that my 3.5 months of signing wasn't for nothing. Lol

Now let's just hope that he doesn't forget this overnight. Blum 3

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aww that's so cute - what a smart baby!

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Jackie- that is AWESOME!!! GET VIDEO!!! Please!!! yay!!!!

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I'll try to get video! Kid likes to stop being cute when he sees me pull out my camera though. Blum 3

(I really should go to bed. :lol:)

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Yahoo what a smart cookie

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thats awesome!!:)

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Hooray! So adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is so very cool!! I'd love to see a vieo! That must be the cutest thing!!!

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That is awesome! It feels so good when they do it after all the time you put in to modeling it.

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That is awesome! What a smart boy you have.

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That's AWESOME, Jackie! I hope he keeps it up! What other signs do you use? The only ones we use regularly are "more", "all done", "milk", and "potty". No signing back yet. I've heard they don't really start signing back until about 10 months. What a smart boy you have!

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I have to really be watching him to catch it. Half the time he'll babble "mama" while doing it (also something new he's started just this past week). If I miss his sign, he'll go to crying till I pick him up and see him lunge at the boob.
I do "milk" and "all done" the most. I've been doing "more" but I don't think he gets the concept of that at all. We do "mom" and "dad" and "cat" some. We're bad about forgetting them, so this weekend we've started putting effort into remembering those. Oh and we're trying to wave hi and bye to him after I saw a little 9 month old little girl waving to everyone at the pool this past week. lol. I think I want to start doing "sleep" (cause the tired one seems confusing as it emphasizes the boobs lol).
Even if all he ever does is "milk" I'm happy! :mrgreen:

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That's great! I just started doing signs last week, but I've been half-assed about it. This motivates me to do a better job. It's so exciting having them be able to communicate.