Hey girls! Look what I got!

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Hey girls! Look what I got!

Isn't it pretty? Biggrin

I'm so excited! My family and BFFs are all super exicted too! We are planning to get married sometime in Sept 2013. Niether one of us had a tradtional big 1st wedding, so we want this to be special. Plus he needs time to add another room onto his house so that each of our 4 kids has their own room. Anyways, wanted to share with all of you before I took it public on Facebook. Now off to plan . . .

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Congrats Veronica!!! That is so awesome. I'm so happy for you. You'll have to keep us posted on all of the details.

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Congrats!! That's awesome Veronica. I wondered if you were engaged after you posted on the check-in thread. KUP on how things are going.

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"AnnaRO" wrote:

Congrats!! That's awesome Veronica. I wondered if you were engaged after you posted on the check-in thread. KUP on how things are going.

LOL. At that point we had been ring shopping and had already talked about some of the details, but I didn't consider it official until I actually got my ring. He proposed Friday night Biggrin

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How did he propose?

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Slight background to this proposal:

We are both really big into RPGs (Role Playing Games) and Dungeons & Dragons type stuff. We play Magic the Gathering (card game) all the time together. He probably has 20,000 Magic cards and has given me several decks so I can play too. And he bought me an RPG for my computer that we play online together b/c we both love it and it's nice to be online w/ him even when we can't be physically together due to kids, jobs, etc. He was also very big into LARPing (Live Action Role Playing - think Dungeons & Dragons but real life. You make a character and they have live in person events for a whole weekend every month) when we met, and he actually owned a LARP for awhile but had to sell it because his real-life job plus kids plus me Smile didn't leave him any time to run it. But he still has a lot of costuming and props from this, including chain mail.

Yes, we are both dorks Blum 3

Anyways, so Friday he was supposed to be in Atlanta working overnight (he frequently works nights and odd hours), so I wasn't expecting to see him. I worked Friday evening and then had to work early Saturday morning, so my kids were spending the night at Grandma's b/c it is easier for her watching them, plus I think she spoils them and the kids like it better over there anyways ;). I got home after putting the kids to bed at Grandma's, and there was a light on in my hall, but I figured I just left it on that morning when I left. But nothing else out of the ordinary. I went to go put my stuff down and he was on one knee dressed like a knight in full chain mail and everything holding my ring and asked me to marry him! Scared the crap out of me b/c I totally wasn't expecting him to be there! He even parked his car around the back side of my house so I didn't know he was there. It was a wonderful surprise, and totally perfect way to do it knowing the both of us.

Of course I said "Yes!" :love3:

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Yahoo EEEEEKKKKK!!!! How exciting Veronica!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

You know, I saw the subject line my first thought was "Someone's posting a pregnancy test pic," but then when I saw who posted it, I knew I'd be looking at a big shiny ring instead Smile

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EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeep!! Congratulations Veronica!! I'm so freaking happy for you. You deserve to be swept off your feet by a night in shining armor. The ring is gorgeous! You have to promise you'll KUP on all the wedding details!

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I had no idea you were so dorky!! ROFL

Congrats! :blob3: You sound 1,000 times happier than you did when we first "met." I'm so glad you've found happiness with him. Be sure and let us know how the wedding planning goes. Biggrin

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Congratulations!!! Your ring is gorgeous!

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Congratulations! I love your engagement story--particularly the part where he scared the crap out of you Lol Too funny! What a great memory to cherish...and yes, your ring is beautiful!!!

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Congratulations!!! That is great that you are so happy. And what a wonderful story, even though a little scary!! Blum 3

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Beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's gorgeous! Congrats! I love your proposal story Smile

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congratulations!! that sounds like the perfect engagement for you guys Biggrin

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Congratulations Veronica, I'm so excited for you! The ring is gorgeous and I love your proposal story! KUP on the wedding details!

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Awww, so happy and excited for you. You totally deserve a knight in shining armor like that. Congrats!!!!

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I could have sworn i replied this morning to say congratulations. That is a sweet proposal and that ring is stunning.

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First of all -

"alwayssmile" wrote:

I had no idea you were so dorky!! ROFL

:bleh: :bootyface: :bleh: lol Blum 3

Thanks everyone!! I will definitely try to keep you up-to-date w/ wedding details. My plan is to very soon find a venue and see what dates they have available so that I can have an acutal date. After that, I figure that everything else can wait a little. It's so funny b/c his sister is dying to help plan and has already sent me like 50 texts and facebook messages. Good thing I really like her Biggrin

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Yahoo excited!!!!