Hi! And 18 month checkup.

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Hi! And 18 month checkup.

Hi girls! The kids and I are in St. Louis right now for my cousins wedding. They are both napping so I wanted to check in. We had a pretty good drive here, stopped overnight near Nashville on the way up which is about halfway. The kids did good on the drive, but Lily had to stop and go pee at least every hour, lol. And by the end they were sick of the car. The wedding stuff has been fun and interesting. The bride is Muslim, and my cousin actually converted for her, so the party last night and the ceremony this morning were all traditional Muslim. It's been really neat, and there's been some amazing food! Tonight is the reception which I think will be a little more what I'm used to. We are staying an extra day to sight-see tomorrow. NOT looking forward to the drive home Mon and Tues though!

I had Luke's 18 mo check-up Wed before we left. He is 24.5 lbs (25th - 50th Wacko and 34 something inches (90th % !!!) now. I can't remember his head, but it was 10th % where he's been all along. The ped said he is doing great! Asked if he had at least 8 - 10 words, and I just laughed and told him more like 80 - 100! Plus Lucas then demonstrated some of his alphabet skills for the doc :). I just can't believe he's getting so big so fast! Oh, and no shots this appt! Yay!

In other news, my bf & I are still doing great! We've been talking more and more about getting engaged soon, hopefully this summer :). And I also just took and passed my Series 6 securities licensing exam which means I will be able to sell mutual funds and variable annuities. I have 2 more exams to pass before I finish the licensing process though, so wish me luck!

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sounds like a good appt! i am glad things are going so well for you Biggrin

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Glad everything is going well! He is growing great! How exciting that BF might be the one!!!!

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Sounds like a great time! Lucas is definitely the board's smarty pants. Ooooooh, how exciting that you might be getting engaged! I'm so so happy for you.

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That's great! Really glad to hear that things are going fantastic for you and your BF. Smile