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Remember me?? LOL I have been so crazy busy @ work that I can't do anything other than work, business work and just keeping the house together so I can get to bed. Cheerleading/football games, volleyball games......I swear I've gotten 100 gray hairs.

I've been lurking for the last 1.5 mo and am just so amazed that we have so many 1yr olds now. I'm so sad my baby is growing up. She is just the sweetest thing ever. We have a party planned for the 9th. Nothing crazy or extravagant just family and a few friends @ my moms house.

How are all you preggo moms doing? I'm so excited for you all :bigarmhug:

K....back to it. TTYL

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Howdy stranger! Good to hear from you!

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Good to hear from you! Hope this slow down with sport and life in the next few months.

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Of course we remember you! We know how busy you are, but it's great to hear from you! I hope you get more time to post more soon.

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:wavehello: I'm glad your still able to come by and check in with us. Great to hear from you!

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Good to "see" you! Smile

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Lol; good to hear from you!! I hear ya on the busy life and I'm not even back to work!! Eep!! Between Brooke going to school, swimming lessons, art class, dance lessons and Sophie's swimming lessons I have about enough time to have a morning to have HALF a warm tea!! LOL Smile WOW!! And to think that in a month I'll have a one year and be back to work!! UGH!! How do you ppl manage all of this?!?! Smile

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Ya, I've been in lurk mode because when I get home I'm just to darn busy to try and get on to PG.org....but found out that I can log in at work again...stupid IT people. So I should be able to pop in a couple times a day. I really miss you ladies and your support. Life is just hectic right now....I know it will get better.

Chris just got himself a small office/warehouse space. I really need someone to take over answering the phones and setting appointments/booking moves. Once that happens, I will be relieved of ALOT of pressure.

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Very nice to hear from you! Can't wait to see pictures from her party!

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Good to hear from you. It sounds like your business is starting to take off.

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It sure is amazing how fast they are growing!!!
We are thinking of TTC next Winter:0)

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:wavehello: glad everything is OK even though your just busy!