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Im back from Maryland! It was a nice trip and crazy with all of the kids being together!

However while down there Natalie has caught her first real cold. She is absolutely miserable. Both of my older kids have never been like this. They usually just sleep and mope around. Natalie has been uber whiney and basically isnt sleeping, so Im not sleeping. I didnt get to bed until 3am last night.

So today I took both kids to the doctor and noticed that she hasnt gained any weight since last time. Im not too too worried about it, but she still seems to mostly BF. I know that her eating is off because she has a cold, but I kinda feel like she should be gaining something. Not sure if I should start formula or milk, or just more solids. Even when she is not sick, she doesnt eat a ton. I have tried to force a little more food on her and it doesnt work.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!

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Good to hear you had a great trip!

Boo about the cold. Simon eats like crap when he's sick too. And is ultra whiney!! Maybe she had gained weight but lost some while sick so it looked like she didnt gain any?

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Awww. Sick babies are awful. Sad I hope she's better soon.

As far as weight goes, Aiden lost weight (went from about 20.5 lbs to about 19.25 lbs) and finally gained this past month back up to 20 lbs! At this point, it's considering to be normal for them to not gain much, if any, weight. They're more active, learning tons, and not always eating much depending on their finicky toddler moods.

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Hello my friend! I've missed you without your internet.... Smile Glad you had a great time with your family.

I wouldn't worry too much about the weight....they flatten out and sometimes loose weight when they get more active. I noticed a huge change in weight gain with Miranda around her first b-day...she was pretty chunky and then slimmed way down and still is a little skinny minney.

Sorry Natalie has a cold....we seem to fight them on/off all the time....booooo! Delaney is ultra whiney too when she's sick. Poor babies. Hope she is feeling better soon.


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I'm glad you had a great trip!
So sorry about the cold. That is rough that she won't sleep. Hope she gets better soon.

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Glad you had a good trip but boo to Natalie getting a cold. Its so awful when they don't feel good and can't sleep and you can't do anything to make it better:( I hope the cold goes away quickly.

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Aw boo to a cold. I wouldn't worry about her weight one bit. Even a slight loss wouldn't be reason to worry. As for food, just keep on doing what you're doing. Formula isn't necessary at all at this point, especially since she's maintaining a healthy weight and is still BF'd. Introducing cow's milk is up to you. I have but Teagan doesn't really drink any of it. If you want to get her to eat more solids, try offering food more frequently. I found that Teagan is most receptive to food at specific times of the day and she'll eat really well at those times. It sometimes requires a bit of juggling. For instance, if dinner is running late, I'll give her leftovers from the night before while I cook. Then I offer her whatever we're having that night. Otherwise, anything I give her winds up on the floor. I wish I could just move dinner earlier but we often don't get home until after 5:30.

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Glad your trip was good...
So sorry about her cold;0( So scary! I hope she feels better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i'm glad you had a good trip!!

sorry about the cold