Hi all! *waves*

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Hi all! *waves*

I know I've been MIA alot lately. I've been trying to check posts daily and reply but most of the time its from my cell phone and it's a PITA to post from there. Especially because it doesn't always put the right word and I hate doing that. Lol Plus, my mini laptop @ home that is upstairs is on the fritz so I'd have to walk my lazy self downstairs and boot up the computer down there to post. :rolleyes:

Things have been super busy @ work. The end of the year is my busiest time with graduation less than 6 weeks away. I've had to try and fight to get shared leave from work for when Melissa had Marley but they denied it so 45 hours of pay was deducted from my check this month Sad

Melissa started babysitting for me full-time last week. Things have been going really, really well and I can't tell you how much I LOVE having her there. Not only because it saves me 2hrs a day in the car but I don't have to get the babies up in the morning...I'm saving gas, I KNOW what is going on at my house....DH can see the girls more....the list goes on...plus it help her out too, $$$ wise.

I babysat Marley for the first time Saturday so they could see a movie. All went well....:)

We took a trip to Vegas over Spring Break and had a BLAST. Chris won $1,000 on a slot machine @ Bally's...I wasn't able to meet up w/Jackie & Aiden :confused: After we got back, Chris left for a week for a delivery to Monterey, CA/San Diego, CA/ Las Vegas.

So....to say the least, I've been sooooooooooooooooooooooo busy. I'm really, really looking forward to my time off in July. I'm still working on being able to SAH f/t but just not sure that I can.....especially with Melissa babysitting now things are going great. Guess we will just have to see how that goes....I always worry about her and my hubby clashing Lol

Delaney is doing great! At her 6mo appt. she was 18lbs 7oz (85%) 28.5" (99%) & 17" head. She is rolling everywhere, can sit up on her own and we are just now starting finger foods....she is really not sure about that busienss yet. She gives the funniest faces Lol She truly is the most sweetest baby ever. I seriously don't think I could have asked for a better baby. She loves her Exersaucer too....I'd love to share a picture but that will have to wait until I'm at home because I can't post/see pics from work.

So, hopefully I'll be able to be around more often. I miss you ladies :openarms:

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Anyone know who this Laurene character is? Wink

Sounds like you've been the good kind of busy! I'm so glad everything is working out with Melissa babysitting for you. Seems to be the perfect solution. Yay for Delaney! She's doing awesome because you're awesome! We want pics!

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What a GREAT update Laurene!! I think the word busy is an understatement! LOL Smile I think having Melissa babysit is a wonderful idea - this way the family is together so much more! Smile Delaney's stats are looking wonderful! Keep up the great work momma!!

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Glad to hear it's working out great with Melissa babysitting. Sounds like a win-win situation for all!
Also happy to see that Delaney is doing super great. What a big girl she is - must make you proud! Smile
Hope the last 6 weeks of school isn't too bad on ya. I remember you complaining last year at about this time. Wink

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The last six weeks are always rough. Yay to July off though! I'm so glad it working out with her watching Delaney for you.

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Im so glad your doing well! I miss you, but Im glad I get to see your on FB!.

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Nice to "see" you again! That's wonderful that Melissa gets to sit for you, that sounds like the perfect situation. I hope we get to see some pics soon, of Delaney and Marley too!

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yay! So glad to see you Smile and I totally agree- WE NEED PICS!!!

And btw :udawoman:

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HI!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i'm glad everything is going awesome for you!!:)

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Erin- I don't recognize the name, but she sounds familiar Biggrin

I'm so glad you are at least checking in. It makes me nervous when someone goes off grid (cough cough, Taryl!).

Sounds like everything is going great and super busy! Get downstairs, boot up the computer and get us some new pictures!!!