Holy growth spurt!!! (and some solids/milk questions)

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Holy growth spurt!!! (and some solids/milk questions)

Hey ladies

Simon put on 3 pounds in the past month!!!! He's over 28 pounds now!!! I cant believe he's still growing like that!!!

On another topic, how are solids going for everyone. I think Simon is getting alittle more into solids and less wanting breast.

My question is, should he start having whole milk in a cup with meals? I'm worried he's not talking enough breast milk to get calcium and the fats and stuff so that's why I'm thinking this. He wont take formula in any way (bottle, cup, etc.) but will take juice or water from a cup/sippy. Should I just continue BF when he wants, which isnt much, and offering juice/water with meals, or should he get milk instead/as well? He doesnt eat too many calcium rich foods as he's very picky.

He obviously has no issues with growing, but I just want to make sure he's getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs.

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does he like yogurt? i can't believe he is 28 pounds. he is definitely the biggest baby here:)

ehh we are doing ok with solids. i always feel like i should be giving him more though. he gets breakfast and lunch and occasionally dinner. most times dinner is busy and a lot is going on. he has just started doing this thing now where he chokes on his food :dontknow: stuff he ate fine before he chokes on. Like i have to take him out and whack him on the back type choking. Wierd..

i would continue offering bm and keep offering stuff he doesn't like. or try different things with calcium if that is what you are worried about him not getting enough of.

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He doesnt like yogurt little weiner! Lol I tried giving it to him today and he made a face like I was giving him crap to eat or something, then spit it out! LOL!!! He'll eat cheese though I discovered today. So that's good. I need to try more veggies that are high in calcium like brocoli. I feel like I waste so much money trying different foods he ends up not liking. Oh well!

And yes, he's a big boy!!! Thankfully my back is feeling better though! Smile

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Holy moly! 28 lbs?! That boy is a growth machine!

He's clearly getting all that he needs. Nearly any amount of BM is enough to supply the nutrients he needs. He can have cows milk now if you want. It depends on how long you want to continue BFing. Its best to put off switching to cows milk a few more months but you can start introducing it now if you want. I personally won't start giving Teagan milk as a beverage until she's down to just nursing in the morning and at night. She's having issues with solids right now and I'm not worried about her nutrition. She's still a chunker despite only nursing a handful of times during the day and only eating small bites of solids. I offer 3 meals a day but she's choosing to feed everything but cheese to the dogs.

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I know there will be arguments against this and it was just what I did so take it however you want. My DS was a big ol boy too. He got less and less interested in BM and weaned himself by 10 months(ish). We don't drink milk here and he wouldn't take a bottle, once he was done with bf'ing, he was done with formula too.

There are plenty of other (healthier) ways to get kids (and adults for that matter) the stuff they need without drinking milk. We did a lot of avocados, fish- we did tons of salmon cause I LOVE salmon anyway, we used a lot of different nut type oils for his food- sunflower oil, canola oil, etc, he also ate lots of nuts or nut butters. We had at least 5 hi fat items per day in his diet. I checked with my dr to see how much fat he needed per day and adjusted his diet according to that. Dr wasn't happy about our no milk stance but said it really didn't matter as long as he got the calcium, fat and vit D elsewhere, which he did.

ETA: your dr is probably going to want you to start him on whole milk though if he isn't taking much bm and won't take formula. that's what my dr wanted me to do as early as 10 months because he wasn't getting much bm due to his weaning.

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What Christa said is totally true and my stance on getting stuff they need without drinking milk. If your worried you could try offering those type of foods in addition to the BM he still gets when nursing. If you plan on having him drink milk from a cup instead of BFing in the near future though it might not be a bad idea to start offering it that way as a gradual switch. Can't go wrong either way IMO.

And wow that boy can grow fast!

Oh yes, and Odin is eating 3 main meals a day and starting to cut back from about 6 nursing sessions a day to about 4 or 5 daily.

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Ronin is on 3 meals and nursing, he has dropped to 10oz of ebm at daycare a day (and smart kid knows where it comes from too, he finished a bottle the other day held it up and said mama) then about 5 nursing sessions overnight. Alot of what he eats ends up on the ground but some does get eaten and he is growing just fine. Sounds like Simon is too.

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Wow! What growth!

Aiden loves solids and chows dow at least two meals a day. I've been better about offering something in the morning than I used to be. For instance today so far he's had a whole wheat waffle (an entire round 8" waffle), half of a sweet potato that was steamed in wedges, 6 grapes quartered, and a handful of puffs. Still have dinner to come! Sadly, he is not cutting down on BFing at all. He probably BFs at least 10 times in a 24 hour period (as in a full session, not a snack). I don't know where it all goes. Maybe he has hallow legs?! Lol

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Aww!! Big spurt!!
We aren't BFing anymore, but I give her all formula still...and then her food also...

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What a great growth spurt!!! Sophie is having three meals per day... We aren't BFing anymore, but she's getting formula still... tho I talked to DF today about possibly slowing switching it to homo milk...

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Yay for growing babies. Mine is a 25 pounder but is still nursing a whole bunch. I dont really have any advice on the milk thing but from what i understand they are ok to have it now and to just keep an eye on how his tummy reacts.

Solids is going well though he is already favoring fruits instead of veggies. This kid loves peaches. I puree them and freeze them to like a slushy texture and he goes to town!

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We're on solids 3x a day and Charlie is on about 1/4 formula and 3/4 whole milk. She prefers it out of a sippy at meals. Honestly, I would do whatever you are comfortable with. If your family drinks a decent amount of milk and it's going to be normal to him to drink it I would go ahead. But if your family doesn't drink it Christa is right and there are lots of other ways to get the calcium, etc.