Holy volume, batman!!!

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Holy volume, batman!!!

Anyone else's 18 month old have some serious pipes! This kid has some serious volume control issues. She will randomly holler at the top of her lungs and it is seriously LOUD. And when she screams. . . forget it, your eardrums will never be the same!

Where is the volume knob on this thing?

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I have often wondered why my older two didn't come with a mute button! Or at least volume control. Seriously, neither of them get volume control. Just wait, in like 6-8 months Lyla & Kole will both be playing and communicating back and forth and it will amazingly get even louder. Mommy ear muffs for drowning out excessive sound should be invented.

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My almost 17 month old has some serious lungs! He gets the loudest when he is really excited and just SCREECHES!:shock: oh my!

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Teagan discovered the blood curdling screech recently. She just randomly lets them out. Quite often in the car. She thinks its hilarious.

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Aiden has been quieter recently than he was at 12-14 months. He's finally starting to spout off a few words though. Can't wait for more screeching. :roll:

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Anna, if you do find a volume knob, will you please post the location so I can check for one on Rowan?

I think Rowan could definitely challenge Lyla if we were to have a loudest-toddler-ever contest. I've wondered before why the neighbors don't call CPS on us, because Rowan likes for everybody within a two block radius to know when she's upset. Fortunately (I guess) she doesn't scream randomly, but when she's mad about something (like not being picked up the instant she demands it), she can scream very loudly for a ridiculously long time.

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Oh yes! Chloe and Trevor both start screaming in the car and I can not even think lol!

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BOTH of mine like to screech at the top of their lungs, and they think it is the funniest thing ever. One will set the other off and they will go back and forth forever if I let them. Luckily they are usually doing to be funny, though my 3 yr old can scream at the top of her lungs when she is really upset, like I'm making her go to bed or something equally as awful :roll: